A Trip To New Zealand

 Are you planning a vacation? Exploring a new country? or just looking for a thrilling adventure? Then you should visit New Zealand. With rugged islands, wild coast lines, a mild climate, mountains, glaciers, and a diversity of parks. All you need to have a wonderful and thrilling holiday.

Beautiful New Zealand

Beautiful New Zealand

New Zealand, is actually made up of 2 islands, the northern and southern islands. You will find Auckland of the northern island to be a very interesting place, a visit to the Sky Tower, will give you a great view of the city, from above and a thrilling Sky Jump if you enjoy crazy adventures, and a casino. The Kelly Tariton’s underwater world is also an exciting place; you get to have a wonderful view of the marine animals in their natural habitat. The Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, is also worth visiting, if you want a walk through the native rainforest and coastlines. Other fun places in Auckland include the Rangitoto Island, the Waiheke Island and the Great Barrier Island.

The Coromandel peninsula, also in the northern Island is also amazing, the east coast of the peninsula has many beaches. The Cathedral Cove, with soft sediments, under water arches, and reefs of hard rocks, it is only reachable on foot, or on a boat, a sea kayak tour is recommended, because you get to paddle your way through beautiful sea caves, and explore other islands. Other places of interests includes the Hot Water beach, and the historic Gold mine.

Hawkes Bay, also has plenty of attractions, like the On Yer Bike winery Tours, you get to have a cycling tour, and experience hawks bay’s luxurious wines and foods. The national aquarium is also a must visit, you get to see New Zealand’s largest display of sharks, tuatara, kiwi, piranha, crocodiles, and other aquatic life. The museum and arts gallery is also amazing, but so is the Gannet beach, and the Long Island tours.

arriving in Picton, South Island, NZ

Arriving in Picton, South Island, NZ

The southern Island too is also remarkable, if you have visited the Christ church city, a walk through its botanical gardens, or a ride through the axon river that snakes through the botanical gardens. The International Antarctica Centre, that gives you a wonderful ice experience by showcasing The wonders of the Antarctica, including a view of beautiful blue penguins. You also get to see many of the native birds in the quail islands especially the rare blue penguins. Other places of interests in Christchurch are the Canterbury museum, Christchurch Gondola, and the willow bank wildlife reserve.

The Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, if you love hiking, you definitely should visit this place, the glacier guides will guide you deep into the heart of the glacier, where u get to squeeze amidst tight. Crevasses and slide through caves of ice, and shuffle down close to vertical ice walls. Other places in the south with lots of attractions include; the hammer springs, the Lake Tekapo, the Kaikoura, Blenheim almost every town in New Zealand is wonderful, and a place to be.

 So whatever you want to do, be it river rafting, glacier walking, bungy jumping, or sky jumping, or simply appreciating works of nature, New Zealand has exactly what you need to have a fun filled vacation, and a revitalized mind.

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