A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger: Lisa Smith

For many writers, they wake up early in the morning, ready to face their day filled with pressing demands in the office. They may find themselves preparing content for an insurance agency or devising contracts for an attorney. Whatever the day brings, their fingers will be rapidly typing away, minds filled with battling proper punctuation and their favorite modifiers. The next day might bring more of the same, along with the next and the next.

The wonderful thing about being a travel blogger is that it affords the opportunity to bring two passions together for a union that might be even more exciting than peanut butter and jelly, or perhaps even dark chocolate and red wine. When your bag is always packed and ready to go, with your laptop safely wedged between your hiking shoes and your binoculars, then you may have a bit of an addiction on your hands, and it may be one that forces you to say farewell to the weekly ritual of life as you may have once known it. You aren’t happy unless you’re planning your next big adventure, or feverishly writing that next thrilling story, typically as you’re holed up in a roadside motel, waiting for your morning flight or your midnight train. Life moves quickly, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Most travel bloggers have a “specialty” of sorts. They may cover traveling music festivals, or they may narrow in on attractions and events affiliated with the arts in the world’s largest, metropolitan city centers. Or they may dream of Africa, constantly feeling the breeze off the tall grasses in the savannahs and the warm embrace of the midday sun—even if they are in the middle of photographing the new lion exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my love of travel with others, hoping to captivate readers with tales of adventure and informative tips on where to go and what to do when you get there. Africa always seems to beckon. It could be that it offers unbelievable experiences to travelers, be it their very first three-day safari or an annual month-long camping trip in Tanzania.

My office: An open window to Africa

Africa appeals to travelers of all ages, because each trip can be perfectly tailored to match all experience levels and activity ranges. It’s perfect for single vacationers or couples who truly want to have the exotic honeymoon of their dreams, and families can experience a world of wonder together, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Therefore, when you’re a blogger who is absolutely set on filling each and every page with stories of Africa, a writer’s blog doesn’t exactly impose too big of a problem. What you might have to worry about are word counts that can’t exceed 1,500 and a limit on high resolution images. When you’re practically bursting with thought-provoking vacation ideas and tips on the most exciting safaris, sometimes condensing this down to fit a center spread might be somewhat problematic. Such are the woes of doing what you love, every single day, and barely being able to sleep some nights until you can wake up to do it all again the next morning.

However, this type of employment will never be “normal.” There may not be a portfolio of insurance benefits that accompany your favorite notebook and pen. Yet, somehow when I hear my friends talk about the new view from their corner office, or how the break room windows overlook the river walk, I never find myself feeling left out, or wishing that I could don my business suit and remember how to parallel park.

My office can be anywhere in the world. I can write from a subway train, my kitchen table, and the desk of any hotel. My views are whatever I choose them to be. But most importantly, I can always open my windows, feel the wind blow across the room as I write away, recounting the details of yet another run-in with nature, my favorite new village, or the best tour guide that I’ve ever spent an afternoon with. And no matter where I am, I can close my eyes and see Africa outside my window, pulling from a myriad of memories that are stowed away in the largest file folder inside of my head. Can it get any better than this?

About the author: Lisa is an avid and extensive traveler. Having traveled over 20 countries across six continents, she now calls Seattle, USA home and writes for Travoge. Travoge is a one source destination for all things African safari.

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