A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger: Laura Knight

To those of you who regularly follow my blog, a day in the life of a travel blogger may appear to be adventurous and exciting. While this may be true to an extent, it’s certainly not always fun; nor is it as simple and easy as it looks.

Living the life of a travel blogger involves grueling hard work while on the move, and it involves painstaking research and blogging when static at a place for a few days.


There are many things that you may not know; hence, this post to give you a peek into a day in the life of a travel blogger.

First, let me emphasize that it’s quite unlike the usual 9-to-5 job with its fixed work timings, routine schedules, and pre-determined holidays—a travel blogger’s life is busy all the time! You’re busy while traveling and also busy when you’re not.

My Day Starts at 5.30 am!

Today, I’m on the sixth day of my solo motorcycle trip to Spiti Valley, located in the northern Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The entire travel itinerary has been planned for 10 days, and every day starts at 5:30 a.m., with the plan to finish all my work before dawn breaks. It’ll be totally different once I return home from my trip, and I’ll be have a leisurely morning until 7 a.m.


Today, however, just let me describe to you my day as it’s going to unfold.

Unfolding the Travel Routine

When you’re on a long trip, it’s important to take care of your health, especially if you’re going on a motorcycle because you’re exposed to all the vagaries of weather.

Therefore, I make it a point to do some yoga and stretching exercises early in the morning to keep myself fit and flexible. After all, I’ll be taking all the bumps and jerks that are expected along a motorcycle trip on a hilly road.

After carefully assembling my motorcycle gear and strapping on my motorcycle boots, I hit the road with my Royal Enfield motorcycle as soon as the sun rises.

 My Day On A Motorcycle Trip

It will be a five to six-hour journey across mountainous roads and numerous stream crossings, with just a short break for a light breakfast at a roadside village stall.

Before I proceed, let me tell you that all the plans are made on the previous day. Therefore, my evenings are busy studying the map and planning my route.  image08

Quite often, some of the packing is done early in the morning, especially if it involves moving to a new destination. On the days that I’m not traveling, then life is slightly less hectic because I spend time recalling and recording the incidences of the previous day in my diary or on the blog, or doing some research for the coming days.

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Back to the present: I start early and I’m on the road before the sun rises above the horizon. For those who have never been to Spiti Valley, it’s quite well known among the biker and backpacker community. It experiences heavy snowfall from mid-November to early May, and it offers a stunning landscape of lush greenery and a multitude of flowers.


However, you do come across some barren landscape, too. Sometimes the winding road vanishes, and all that I see is rubble pavement. I thank my lucky stars for having the sense to wear my motorcycle boots while negotiating those whenever I come across them.

En-route, I stop by some of the many monasteries, which are indicative of Buddhist influence due to the region’s proximity to Tibet.

Riding the motorcycle continuously for four hours can be tiring. I carry a small gasoline stove as part of my motorcycle gear, and I generally stop to indulge in a hot cup of coffee with biscuits. Believe me, a small thing like this makes the journey so much more interesting! My lunch consists of a very frugal meal that I pack early in the morning morning at the hotel or the place where I stay. I also carry some energy bars just in case I get stuck in the wilderness.

The Stopovers

On completion of the day’s grueling ride, I prefer to stop for the day by around mid afternoon and completely rest. By that I don’t mean sleeping, but exploring and spending some time with my hosts or with fellow travelers. Late evening involves maintenance of the motorcycle, replenishing supplies, planning for the next day, and making notes. The last activity of the day is sorting out my motorcycle gear and, of course, settling down to go to bed early, so that I get up fresh for the next day’s early start!

Living the life of a travel blogger is slightly different while not traveling, but it’s equally hectic. We’ll talk about that next time.

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