A Day in the Life of a Travel Blogger: Carolynne from The Thirsty Tourist

Who Am I? Who Are We?

Well, hello there, wayfaring stranger—nice to meet you. I’m Carolynne of Carolynne and Chris from The Thirsty Tourist travel blog. Chris and I have been together over eight years and our blogging journey began in August 2015. Both of us are travel enthusiasts and want to not only share our travel adventures with the world, but also inspire you to take your own.

In our little nook on the World Wide Web, we write about all things travel from our home in Vancouver, British Columbia. Most of our posts are daring adventures, must-visit destinations, and travel book or gear related. Read on to learn a little more about our travel blogging journey.


So, this is where things get a little boring. Both Chris and I work 9-5 day jobs. That means that during the weekdays… well, we work. Carolynne might pop onto social media to post the occasional item, but much of our daytime blogging is non-existent, as we work to pay the bills.

Evenings and Weekends

During the night time hours, Carolynne will pick up her trusty computer and go to work. Social media is a huge drain on time and takes copious amounts of planning. She’s the wizard and mastermind here when it comes to creative design, images, and determining the blog content.

But when do you have time for the adventures?

Most of our adventures aren’t in real time. They’re completed pretty close to posting time, maybe within a week of completion. Sometimes many adventures are completed within a short window of time and can provide months of content.

Chris has summers off, which allow for more content creation, and Carolynne is limited to weekends and the few weeks a year she has available for vacation time. Weekend getaways and planned vacations are our bread and butter.

Blogging isn’t always easy

For most of us bloggers out there, we aren’t going to become the celebrity bloggers, but you don’t know until you try. We love our blog, yet it’s more of a passion and a hobby than a steady income stream. When possible, we seek out collaborations (like this one) to keep things interesting. That being said if you want to become a blogger, here’s our advice on how to make things easier.

  1. Know why you’re blogging. In times of stress, frustration or success, you’ll be in it for the right reasons.
  2. Stay organized. Sometimes easier said than done, as Netflix and procrastination are my favourite things. To keep things on time, use the scheduling tools on WordPress, Buffer, etc.
  3. Don’t be afraid to prioritize what the most important is in your life. I spend a lot of time juggling my job, hobbies, travel and blogging in my life, depending on time availability and priorities.
  4. Be patient. Blogging takes a lot of time. Growing followers takes time. Work hard and stay consistent and your audience will grow.
  5. It gets easier—I promise. Eventually, you’ll love your blog design, your images will improve, and it’ll be easier to write. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Don’t fight writer’s block. Write when you’re inspired. The best posts will be when you’re ready to write. When you try to force anything, especially writing, your mood is often reflected in what you write.
  7. And most importantly: Have Fun! Don’t take life or blogging too seriously.

Want to know more? Find us over at The Thirsty Tourist!

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