8 Tips to Make Airline Travel Better

What’s you favorite part of traveling? Some say the journey itself is as memorable as the destination. If you’re lucky to be seated with an easy-to-talk -to person on the plane and depart as scheduled, then the plane trip can be a breeze.

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Yet, what about the time you spend at the airport? From passing through security to hopping on the plane, we’re here to hold your hand along the way to make your next trip better and smoother.

1. Buy travel-sized toiletries

Airport security won’t let you pass if toiletry containers in your carry-on bag are more than 100 milliliters (3.38 ounces). To save yourself any hassles, buy travel-sized containers for your lotions, shampoo, or other liquids before the trip. You’ll also find that drug stores sell toiletries, such as hairspray, shaving cream, sunscreen, and toothpaste, in sizes that pass security regulations. By doing so, you’ll also have more space for your other personal items and save time going through security without any problems.

2. Keep zip-top bags handy

flight-attendant-flickerStow a few of these in various sizes in your luggage and one in your carry-on bag—you never know when you may need one. Not only can you put your travel-sized liquids in one, which airport security agents like to see, but you can also use them to store snacks and wet wipes for the flight, keep your jewelry in one place, or have one for your smartphone if you’re going to be near water on your vacation.

3. Bring an empty water bottle

Bottled water can cost an arm and a leg at the airport, so bring your own empty water bottle with you and only fill it up once you pass through airport security. Of course, you can get a cup of water during the in-flight service, but it’s more convenient to have enough with you to stay well-hydrated, especially on long-haul flights.

4. Have your own snacks

Food sold in an airport terminal is expensive, and even more so if you have to pay for it on board the plane. To save your travel budget for the time spent at your holiday destination, bring some food from home. That’s not to say you should pack for an in-flight brunch, but dry snacks, like crackers, nuts, and dried fruit, or something for your sweet tooth will do the trick to satiate a grumbling tummy. You can simply put them in zip-top bags and keep them in your carry-on bag.


5. Get a shopping bag

You can get away with bringing more items on board by getting a shopping bag with your purchases at an airport store. Airlines can’t charge you extra for items you buy at an airport, and it won’t count as an extra carry-on bag.

6. Maximize your carry-on

Not only use your carry-on for snacks, toiletries, or even a small blanket, you can also keep a set of clothing in it. In case the airline loses your luggage, or you spill orange juice on your white shirt, you have something else to change into.

7. Weigh your bags at home

It’s normal for airlines to charge passengers for checking luggage, but they also impose weight limits. Depending on the carrier, this can also apply to your carry-on bag. If you exceed the limit, be prepared to pay extra. To avoid excess fees, weigh your suitcase before leaving home. You can buy a digital luggage scale, which you strap to the suitcase handle, and then lift the bag slightly to get the exact weight. To ensure that you won’t run into baggage issues at the airport, always review an airline’s luggage and carry-on allowances as well as  the dimensions permitted for carry-on bags. Also be sure to pay necessary luggage fee at the time of making a reservation, as the amount to pay at the airport for this can be double than paying in advance.

8. Respect and be nice to everyone

This not only applies to your fellow passengers, but also to the airport personnel and flight attendants—they’re not servants or wait staff. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, don’t lash out at the airline crew; it’s not their fault that there’s a blizzard or technical issue with the aircraft. There’s no need to roll the eyes at the flight attendant, either, if the airline doesn’t have your preferred beverage during the in-flight service—there are alternatives.


Be nice to these people. Who knows when they might offer you a free drink, or bump you up to business class because of your kindness. Furthermore, extend kindness and respect to everyone else.

About the author: Chie Suarez sails from the PH and found her passion for traveling quite late. She enjoys traveling with her family and further writes for Kim’s Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay, NSW.

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