7 Ways to Have a Good Sleep While Traveling

Work stress, family pressure and monetary struggles can drive any person to the brink of depression. In a city where we are expected to perform industries’ highest expectations and compete with society’s social demands, an individual person can feel caged in a prison of responsibilities. Different people cope up with life’s ponderous stress, but the best outlet perhaps is by means of travelling.

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Travelling does not only give you the time to get away from the weight of your responsibilities but also a great way to discover and experience the bigger world. When we travel, we meet a lot of people and their culture. We are exposed to nature’s true beauty and appreciate more God’s creation. We build lasting memories, especially if we are travelling along with family or friends. Every time we go travel, we not only learn something about the place we visited but we learn something more about ourselves. After a travel, we bring home with us a little bit of joy, a little bit of hope and fond of memories to look back and keep.

When one does travel, there are many preparations to take like packing up, budgeting and organizing things that we will be leaving behind in our time of absence. However, frequently than not, we disregard the importance of sleeping. Even as exhilarating as our travel can be, we should not forget to have a good rest. What is the point of travelling if you will not have the energy to take on those traveling activities and even more so  if you will be going back home sick.

Here are seven useful things that you can try to get that sleep even when you are on travel.

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1. Sleeping Masks – In whatever means of traveling we are to choose, either by land, water or air, sleeping masks proves to be a best tool in inducing sleep to a person. Since we can’t control artificial or natural light when we travel, sleeping mask prevents incoming light to be captured by our eyes. In a scientific point of view, when our brain sense pure darkness, it sends off signal to our body, inducing it to sleep.

2. Choose the right seat location – Whether you are on a bus or on a plane, choosing the right seat when you take public transportation can give you as much convenience than the others. When you are the type of person who goes to the bathroom a lot, choosing a seat near the lavatory can be most favorable to you as you will not need to cross long distances to do your personal necessities. Avoid taking the middle seats, seats by the windows protects you from being pushed by passengers. If you are on a bus, don’t take the seat on top of the wheel since these seats tends to be narrow than the rest and more wobbly.

3. On long travels, get some stop and east some food – Use stop-overs to shake off your muscles. This will relieve muscles from its long contractions due to prolong sitting. Take this time to use the bathroom and replenish your energy by food intake. If you are traveling long distances with your car, be sure to include stop-overs on your travel plan.

navy neck pillow

navy neck pillow,Photo Credit: Flickr

4. Neck Pillows – One of the most common problem travelers experience during a trip are muscular pains, particularly around the neck area. Seats available in any carrier, does not always provide proper sleeping positions. Neck pillows offer a great support in the neck and upper spinal area, especially when we try to sleep in a sitting position. This will prevent chances of waking up with stiff neck. Neck pillows can also be used when we feel stiffness with our pelvic and leg muscles. Try sitting or placing it beneath your leg, this will allow blood to flow again thru your veins.

5. Leave all the stress at home – When you do travel, don’t bring your work with you. You have to make preparations at the office if you are planning a vacation. Otherwise, over thinking will only prevent your brain in inducing sleep to your body and promoting a relax state. Take this time to pamper yourself and enjoy.

6. Grab a sleep ahead of the travel time – When one tends to be too excited before a travel, he or she can’t summon his/her body to go to sleep. Before traveling, get enough sleep already. It is a way of preparing your body for the trip ahead. When you follow a right sleeping habit, your body inhibits its own sleeping pattern. This will help you in getting your sleep since your body will be the one to tell you to sleep.

7. If you can’t sleep, relax – Free your find from everything, close your eyes, relax and eventually you’ll drift to slumber. One can’t sleep if its mind is still on overdrive, turn it off and stop thinking.

Follow these easy steps and have a safe travel on the road.

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