7 Travel Activities to Do When You Visit Hawaii

Hawaii, also known as the Big Island, is world-renowned as a tropical paradise located in the Pacific Ocean. It’s where you find the only royal palace in the United States, and the state has active volcanoes, lush forests, and beautiful beaches. Also, the people and culture of Hawaii are sure to boost your good vibes. 

Needless to say, visiting this tropical paradise will surely be the most unforgettable vacation you’ll have in your life. If you’re planning to check it off your travel bucket list, here are the best activities you can do when you’re in Hawaii. 

Watch the Incredible Whales in Maui

It’s not every day that you see whales. In that case, you should take the opportunity to watch these enormous sea creatures when you visit the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii

Say hello to the incredible whales as they jump out of the bottom of the ocean. There are several tours meant for whale watching in Maui. Whales are common between the middle of December and May. 

Have an Awesome Diving Experience at Molokini

Molokini Crater is famous for its rich underwater wildlife, and because of that, it has become one of the top diving spots in the world. Its transparent waters allow you to see life at the bottom of the sea. 

For you to absorb the beauty of Molokini, make sure to swim around the coral reefs. Underwater, you’ll meet fish of various shapes and colors, sea turtles, octopus, and more. 

Take a Road Trip to Hana

Taking a road trip along the North Shore to Hana is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. As you hit the road, you’ll have picturesque views of the verdant forests, waterfalls, and the beautiful ocean. 

Hana Highway, Hawaii Credit Bing images

You’ll be greeted with bursts of Aloha! from the hospitable locals as you arrive at Hana. Then, don’t forget to experience the awesome beaches in the place. 

Hike Haleakala National Park

If you want to see a landscape like no other, it’s time to hike Haleakala National Park and see the picturesque sunrise and dormant Haleakala Volcano. At the summit of 10,024 feet, you can look over the incredible scenery of the entire East Maui and other neighboring islands. 

The terrain is quite barren at first glance, but there are rare insects, birds, and plants that thrive in the area. 

Have a Circle Island Tour of Oahu

The best way to explore the island of Oahu is to have a circle island tour. The island of Oahu, aka The Gathering Place, offers several amazing sights, such as the North Shore, Waimea Waterfall, and Sunset Beach. It’s also home to soft, sandy beaches that are perfect for your ultimate relaxation. 

If you’re in Oahu, make sure to reload your phone to stay connected with your loved ones. There are many sites now that enable you to recharge your number while on the go. 

Enjoy the Traditional Luau

Are you looking for a unique party in Hawaii? Well, you must participate in Luau, a traditional Hawaiian feast that is commonly accompanied by song and dance numbers of the locals. And, of course, there are delicious eats, such as the baked kalua pig, Lomi Lomi salmon, poi, squid luau, haupia, chicken rice, Hawaiian sweet bread, and tropical fruits. 

Learn the History of Pearl Harbor

The Attack on Pearl Harbor will always figure in history books as the event that caused the U.S. to fight against the Imperial Japanese Army and Axis forces. Today, all you can see are monuments and artifacts from the fateful event, such as the sunken battleship USS Arizona. 


There’s so much to do when you visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii. If you need to have a relaxing vacation away from the bustle of the city, make sure to include the Big Island in your travel bucket list. And, don’t forget to take note of the fun things to do in Hawaii that are mentioned in this article. 

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