7 Tips to Ensure an Amazing Golf Getaway

Lady golfer with clubs

Lady golfer with clubs

by Monty Macgregor,

There is nothing more satisfying than exploring new golf courses, whether in Australia or overseas. Teeing off during your holiday is a great way to unwind. Flying or driving to the golf course of your dreams requires a little bit of preparation particularly if you choose to take your own golf clubs with you instead of hiring local gear.

Bulky and heavy golf gear isn’t the most practical luggage. On top of that, without any preparation of getting your gear travel-ready, you might find yourself flustered and your clubs in less than a perfect condition on your arrival.

Follow these simple tips and ensure your golf getaway is as relaxing as you’d hoped for:

Pick the Right Bag

Your everyday golf bag may not be suitable for taking your gear overseas. Does the bag close tightly? Are all zippers in good condition and can you lock them with a padlock? Take the time to check your bag is still in good condition and don’t leave it until the night before.

Plan Your Pick-up and Drop-Off to Hotel

Before your trip, make transportation plans to get to your hotel, to the golf course and to any other destinations you’ll visit during your stay. Ask whether the hotel can arrange pick-ups and drop-offs which will help you alleviate carrying your luggage and gear at the same time. If you decide to rent a car, research quotes for insurance on travel, rentals and valuable. Car insurance companies will usually offer an easy-to-read comparison online to help you figure out what coverage meets your needs.

Prepare Your Gear and Wrenches

Prepare your gear by cleaning it out from old scorecards, tissues or anything else that may have accumulated over time. Cleaning your clubs, bag and shoes are crucial as quarantine rules of other countries may apply. Keep in mind you’ll need to clean it again before your return to Australia. Your gear may carry soil or spores, which can be harmful to different environments. Quarantine officers can delay your way through the airport significantly. Also, protect your wrenches with headcovers or old socks.

Check Your Luggage Limit

Cheaper tickets may only allow you very little luggage, which you easily exceed with your golf bag. Before you make a booking, ensure that you have the maximum luggage limit you can get and weigh your bag before heading to the airport. Excess luggage can be very expensive.

Relax at the Airport

Once you land at your destination, don’t panic if you don’t see your golf bag with the rest of the luggage at baggage claim. Remember that, due to their weight and bulkiness, golf bags are placed at the oversize luggage area not on the baggage carousels.

Prepare Yourself for a New Golf Course

There is nothing more frustrating than going through the effort of taking your clubs with you and then realizing your score is above average due to a new and unknown golf course. Many clubs offer information about their course and it’s a great idea to read up on as many details as you can and familiarise yourself before teeing off.

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