7 Must-Haves For Beach Camping

When you’re planning a camping trip to the beach, apart from your tent, sleeping bags, and plenty to eat and drink, what else is essential?  Here are some of our must-haves.


One of the most important requirements on the beach is shade.  Beach umbrellas can be OK, but they won’t be large enough for more than a couple of people. A more convenient option would be to erect a portable camping gazebo, which can provide enough shade for everyone, as well as a picnic table and chairs.


Comfortable folding chairs are an essential part of beach camping equipment. Ensure yours are good quality because uneven surfaces and heavy loads are the quickest way for metal parts to buckle or break. What could be more relaxing than a hammock? If there aren’t any suitable supports on your beach, and you still want to lounge in ultra-comfort, what about a Fatboy Lamzac? This fabulous easy-to-inflate sofa-cum-bed is the ultimate solution. 

Changing and toilet tent

One of the eternal questions when camping on a wild beach is about privacy. What about a toilet? Where to get changed?  A collapsible camping toilet can address both of those needs. Taking up hardly any space when packed, it saves the need to go hunting for places out of sight and ensures that waste can be disposed of responsibly and conveniently. 

Cleaning equipment

Sounds obvious, but it’s only when you don’t have it with you that you realize how essential it is.  Bring a dustpan and brush to remove sand from the inside of the tent. Bring a bucket to fill with water so you can rinse your feet and legs before entering.  Bring a plastic bowl to rinse the dishes before packing them away (hint: before you do this, rub them with sand to remove grease and debris). A shovel will have several uses, including digging out your wheels if your car gets stuck in the sand. Most of all, remember to bring a good supply of garbage bags to ensure that you leave nothing behind you when you go. 

Sleeping pad or cots

If you’re a novice beach camper, it may come as a surprise to learn how much humidity rises from the sand at night. Make sure you have a tarp under the floor of your tent to keep out the moisture. If you’re sleeping under the stars, use a water-resistant sleeping pad to keep you dry and help you stay warm. 


Take a selection, with extra batteries in case yours run low. Head torches are the most versatile and allow you to use both hands, for example when adjusting your tent or moving items for storage. Flexible options, which you can loop around your neck also have advantages. A high-power, wide beam torch will allow you to survey a greater area.

Camping shower and towels

Invest in a camping shower to rinse off the salt and feel fresh at the end of a long day on the beach. Also, take a supply of quick-drying camping towels so they’re soon ready for re-use. A clothesline and a few pegs can also be invaluable in getting your gear dried in the sun.

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