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From the long time, you are planning for your holidays and also want them to make special one but still you do not get the right place to spend your holidays then we believe that we will make you pleased. If we talk about the present situation then it is not easy from any view to get holidays and wasting them will be mistake. Everyone’s holidays should be fruitful which they can remember throughout their life, and these all things can be achieved by choose a right place to spend vacations. There are so many options which will distract and confused you if you directly talk to a travelling agent or company.

So here we are to provide you some information to spend your vacations at one of the best places of world, in Rome. Rome is the very popular tourist place where you will find so many churches, monuments, beautiful sceneries, museums and people. We have some best attractions of Rome, let’s take a glance:


Start your journey with the most popular building of the Roman Empire, Colosseum. This infrastructure is able to accommodate 55,000 spectators and it was home for many warriors and gladiators who fight with the wild animals inside it. You will really feel fantastic after visiting this place.


Next place which you like to visit will be Pantheon- a temple for all pagan gods built by Emperor Hadrian in 118 AD. You will find that the dome of the building is the largest dome in the world.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Rome is very much famous for the churches which it has. Here you will find the largest church in the world, named as St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s Michelangelo’s impressive dome is the center and symbol of Christianity.

Circus Maximus

Rome is very much famous for its playground arena for the different games which were very famous among the people of Rome. The Circus Maximus also such type of stadium built for chariot races. It was the largest stadium in ancient Rome having seating capacity of 250,000 people.

Vatican City

Everyone knows that Vatican City is the world’s smallest state and do not feel surprised if while roaming you enter in this state. This city is completely enclosed by the Rome. You will make your journey wonderful when you walk across the museums, gardens and churches of this place.

Vatican Museums

Holy place Vatican City is also in Rome, which is popular for it’s complex museums. Here you will find the collection over a period of four centuries by popes.

Theatre of Marcellus

You would not believe but there was a theatre in Rome in 13 BC- Theatre of Marcellus, it was the largest theatre, seating capacity of 12,000 spectators. It was conceived by Julius Caesar and built by Augustus. You will be amazed after watching its infrastructure and interior. So these are the best seven places of Rome which you will really like to visit at your vacations. From now start to plan your vacations between the beautiful lanes of Rome. Hopefully this content will be useful for you and help you to plan your holidays.

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