6 Must-See NYC Parks

New York City has some really beautiful parks—1,700 in all—in which to relax, rejuvenate, and get some sun. They offer verdant and tranquil spaces, ideal for picnicking and enjoying good weather, and are filled with plenty of lush greenery and athletic fields. Some parks even have playhouses and carousels, but they all promise visitors some quality time outdoors.

To make your next NYC trip truly memorable, head to one of these six must-see parks to satiate your nature-starved cravings in the heart of the urban jungle.

Brooklyn Bridge Park


This popular park on the Brooklyn side of the East River is the perfect place to explore the rich ecology, vibrant vistas, and sprawling piers of the waterfront. Stretching over an 85-acre area, the park serves as a cultural and recreational destination. Don’t visit this place expecting rustic fields and tranquil woodland, as this is quite unlike a traditional park. Rather, it’s home to some really unique attractions including riverside esplanades, a 1920’s merry-go-round, and Jane’s Carousel. In addition, there are sports fields, a playground, basketball courts, and a skating rink. Open-air readings and outdoor movies at sundown are other major draws at this renowned park.

Central Park


In 2013, some 40 million guests visited Central Park. On an average, this man-made wonder attracts 25 million guests on average every year. It’s the oldest public park in America and ranks among the most famous in the world. Apart from 50 fountains and 36 bridges and arches, this vast and bustling park in the middle of Manhattan has sculptures, monuments and provides a calm setting for natural lovers to enjoy a great day. With 21 playgrounds, there#s absolutely no lack of recreational facilities for people of all age groups. This 150-year old iconic park gives visitors a chance to skate, row, pedal, dribble, and climb to their heart’s content. There can’t be a bigger and better park in the world for sure!

Flushing Meadows–Corona Park


This iconic park, which is the fourth largest in New York City, has had the distinction of hosting two of the 20th-century’s biggest World’s Fairs. When it comes to spaces and recreational facilities, this park is second to none, offering a spectacular recreation complex, baseball stadium, science museum, zoo, art museum, and botanical garden. Be it soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball or cricket, the park is perfect for all your recreational cravings. The unmistakable sign of the Unisphere, the giant steel globe which served as the symbol for the 1964 World Fair, leaves a lasting impression upon visitors. Don’t forget, it’s also home to the Arthur Ashe Stadium, where one of four grand slam tennis events – the U. S. Open Championship – takes place every August to September.

The High Line


The High Line is considered the most unique park in all of New York City, and perhaps the most magnificent walkway in the city. Strolling here gives visitors an opportunity to take in great views of Manhattan, enjoy year-round events, and taste some of the delicious vendor foods available. This is the city’s only elevated park, and it attracts locals and visitors alike. Opened in 2009 on the West Side, it’s the perfect place to enjoy views of the Hudson River while gazing at some really impressive outdoor sculptures.

Hudson River Park


Hudson River Park stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street, and it provides visitors opportunities for walking, biking, skating, youth sports, and kayak trips on the river. The park is an ideal place to soak in the sun while your children learn about the history and ecology of the Hudson River. Apart from relaxing with friends and family, the park is where you can run, play, dance, boat, or watch the boats sail by. Extending over five miles with a granite esplanade spanning the entire stretch, it has 13 piers and lets visitors relish the charm of a lively riverfront. A visit to the park gives you a chance to enjoy green shorelines, blue waters, open sky, and the ultimate island of relaxation!

Prospect Park


A visit to Prospect Park offers you the opportunity to get lost in an urban wilderness. Here you can experience serenity, which is rare considering the hustle and bustle that prevails in New York City. Covering an area of 585 acres, the park is a landscape masterpiece, designed by the same geniuses— Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux—who had just completed the design of Central Park. A perfect place to unwind and relax, the park has a complex ma- made wetlands and a large variety of trees. It’s home to a zoo, a band shell, a carousel, an ice rink, and plenty of athletic and recreational facilities. That’s why, this park receives close to eight million visitors every year.

Book a hop on hop off New York tour and visit one of these popular parks to explore the Big Apple to the fullest.

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