5 Splurge-worthy Occasions for Budget Travelers

For those of you who are budget travelers and are always on the lookout for the cheapest airfares, affordable accommodations and the best ways to save money, you may feel a little guilty when spending money on something worth splurging in certain circumstances.

It’s definitely a must to save big for your up-coming trip, but it’s also a must to save extra cash for all your spontaneous yet well-deserved purchases you shouldn’t feel guilty about. It’s perfectly alright to spend on fancy dining in a foreign land or buy a slightly pricey but significant souvenir. Besides, your adventure should be filled with memorable and meaningful experiences, so don’t hold back from treating yourself to a worthy treat.

Here are some instances when it’s perfectly okay to spend your money freely.

#1: A comfortable private room

There are definitely many ways to cut corners on accommodation; there’s Airbnb, Couchsurfing and, of course, you can find great deals and discounts on hotels. For budget travelers, one of the go-to accommodation options are hostels and dorm rooms, which truly save a lot.


Though sharing a room with a dozen other budget travelers can be healthy for your pocket, it may cause you to be cranky and not give you the comfort or space you yearn for. That’s where a great deal of cash for a private room comes in, and it’s fairly justifiable. It’s fun socializing with fellow travelers, but it’s still nice to end the night closing the door and having a room all to yourself or with your significant other.

#2: Simple treats and luxuries

Be it refreshment drinks, coffee, a fine dining experience or even shopping, don’t refrain from spending a little extra as a treat or reward to yourself.

You shouldn’t keep your wallet closed to spending on your simple pleasures when traveling, only to regret it afterwards; you sure don’t want that horrible feeling, do you? The key to not going over your budget is to track your spending. Allot a significant amount for these small treats and luxuries, even if you spend it all or not.

#3: Food and culture

No doubt you can save when it comes to eating at local street markets in comparison to having a table in a restaurant. But don’t you want to experience eating in a local, authentic restaurant in Japan or Paris and have the delightful meal experience engraved on your taste buds?

Remember, you’re not just grabbing a bite of the usual and ordinary tempura, you’re having authentic tempura and paying for the experience in Japan. And, no, you’re not only paying for a cup of coffee in Paris, you’re paying for a pleasurable cup of coffee with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Also, go the the local and national museums of your destination. Saving a little extra cash for a guided tour can open your eyes and heart; it can be life-changing for you, and you can completely get more out of the experience. You’ll never know if you don’t try, and it could be your best-ever splurge.

#4: Memorable souvenirs

For those of you watching your expenses a little more closely, you may have already ruled out purchasing souvenirs. That shouldn’t always be the case.

Seriously, buy yourself, family and friends some memorabilia from your trip. Instead of clothes, chocolates and the like, a thoughtful souvenir will do just fine. You can even find cheap souvenirs in local stores. Instead of poorly thought-out souvenirs to gift your loved ones, buy them presents that reflect your journey and give a piece of it to the people you love.

#5: Don’t skimp on a meaningful experience

And, ultimately, don’t dwell on how much you’ll be spending on a beer or a relaxing dinner at a restaurant; pay for the meaningful experience.


Tell us what you love splurging on when traveling, and why it’s meaningful to you.

About Chie Suarez: Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late. She also writes for KIMS Beach Hideaway, which offers beach-side lodges in Australia.

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  • Meaningful experiences mean a lot and they don’t have to cost much, great post 🙂

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