5 Reasons Why Palawan, the Philippines Should Be Your First Stop in Asia

Let’s face it: when it comes to going on an Asian tour, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia are the first places that come to mind. Undeniably, these places feature amazing beaches, sumptuous local cuisines, and countless beautiful attractions.

Although these big names in Asia have already created a foundation for being renowned travel destinations, one place is breaking the surface when it comes to Asian travel: Palawan, the Philippines.

Learn why this island paradise in the Philippines should be your first stop when you travel in Asia.

1. It’s got the best beaches

 You can’t travel to Palawan and miss out on beach fun.

Palawan beaches

Palawan beaches

What makes Palawan the best place in Asia to travel to? The fact that it holds more than 50 pristine beaches. These coastlines all have distinct natural features that give each their own, individual charm. From Coron to Puerto Princesa, especially El Nido, Palawan’s unspoiled beaches on the island resemble that of a paradise getaway—so raw and so beautiful.

2. It grants the most breathtaking views

 Wherever you look and whichever you choose, you’ll always end up getting a spectacular view. Be it the seascape or landscape, Palawan has faultless scenery that will surely take your breath away.

Palawan views

Palawan views

There’s nothing better than waking up to an amazing vista to start your day, and the Palawan’s towering limestone karsts and mountain peaks provide perfect vantage points for those sweeping views.

3. The waters are mesmerizing

 Palawan’s waters are simply magical. They may all vary in shades and colors, but one thing is for sure: they’re all clear as glass. Turquoise, emerald green, bright blue, all these tints glisten under the radiance of the sun. In fact, the waters are so clear, you can see what lies beneath.

Palawan waters

Hint: try the lagoons and lakes in Coron and El Nido, Palawan. You’ll love ‘em!

4. The island astonishes with its sunrise and sunset views

 Watching the sunrise and sunset are one of the things people love to do, whether they’re at home or on vacation. When you’re in Palawan, though, prepare for the most stunning sky backdrops you’ll ever see.

Palawan island

Experience a different sunrise and sunset on this island paradise. The serenity of the setting, coupled with a dazzling light show, will make the entire experience truly remarkable. All you need to do is find a cozy spot on the beach and enjoy the high heaven’s display of an incredible piece of art.

5. The delectable cuisine is one for the appetite

 Another reason that makes Palawan great is the food. I’m kind of a foodie, so I think I saved the best for last—*wink*

palawan food

The island embraces various types of cuisine from local to exotic, from Vietnamese, to Italian, to American food choices. These meals are offered in various bars and restaurants located everywhere on the island. Whatever it is your taste buds are craving, you’ll definitely satisfy them in Palawan.

There are many reasons why Palawan is the ideal place to visit. The best thing about this island destination is that it has all you need and everything you’re looking for: the best beaches, awesome views, friendly people, and good food— you can get all these in one amazing place!

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