5 Reasons to Start Traveling Young

Be free to travel and experience the world while you’re young,” almost everyone says from the older generation you meet. Traveling isn’t imperative, but it is something you could regret not doing at least once or a few times in life. If you’re fortunate enough to go exploring, then don’t miss out on this privilege many people aren’t capable of experiencing.

Sure, you have a handful of bills to pay and work you need to attend to make ends meet. However, if you find the time and enough money to even pack your bag for a day’s hike, then do so. Going on a journey doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars, you can travel cheaply too.

5 travel youngCurious to know why you should start traveling now? Then, read on to get the best insights.

1: You can’t regain your youth

Upon graduating university and starting to hustle in the real world, there could be little to no time to plan for exploring the world. With the need to survive, chances are you set aside all your hopes and dreams eventually, forgetting to get back at it.

No matter how ludicrous it sounds today: YOLO. You only get to be young once, and you don’t get to go back in time and have a do-over. That’s not to say you need to take all the crazy risks simply because “you only live once.” It means not to put the moment on hold for too long and reach a point where you’re no longer capable of traveling.

You’re young and don’t have that many responsibilities yet, other than family, work, and paying the basic bills and other necessities. Unlike others, you’re not married, don’t have kids, not settled down and don’t have any other commitments which makes this time the best time for you to go and feed your wanderlust. Make the most out of your youth.

2: Traveling isn’t expensive

For those who think that traveling is a pastime only for the rich, obviously hasn’t traveled long and wisely. You don’t need a hefty sum of money to make your own adventure.

Other than money, the essentials are time and willingness are your resources to get to where you want be. Money is certainly important, and there are travel destinations which require you to spend a lot, especially in costly cities. However, it isn’t the case everywhere. Money gets you to stay in four to five-star hotels, first-class seats, dinner at top restaurants and the like, but do you really need these? There are hostels and budget airlines that fit your budget. and there’s no need to dine lavishly when you can have a succulent meal in local food scenes. In addition, the most popular places are likely under or within your budget, so check on that.

3: Traveling humbles you

Whether you’re in your 20s or 40s, if you stay within your box of comfort for too long, there’s only little you know about the world outside your zone and life in general.

Going on an adventure trail lets you gain good insight into the raw beauty and tragedy of the world. It puts you in tough circumstances. It makes you realize a lot of things, things that you don’t pay attention to beforehand. On the road, you’ll realize that you have more than you need, and the world is a huge and beautiful place that doesn’t revolve solely around you.

The experience of traveling opens you to learn new and more things; it keeps you hungry for experiencing something previously unknown and bestowing vast wisdom. Once you start traveling, you’ll become fully aware that there is a lot more valuable knowledge you can learn outside the four walls of a classroom. The world teaches you plenty and shapes who you are.

4: Go beyond your comfort zone

To put it simply, traveling is empowering. This especially applies to lone travelers, the brave and independent who can tackle and pursue their aspirations.

Whether you travel in a group or solo, it’ll make you realize that you can do things you’ve never thought of ever trying. You’ll conquer your fears, while others will certainly come across theirs sooner or later. Just by simply letting yourself go and experience life at its best, you’ll learn that you’re more capable than you’ve ever imagined. Start early, and you’ll discover that you appreciate more and do more in your lifetime.

5: See the world with a different perspective

Getting yourself exposed and immersed in different places, cultures, traditions, religion, or anything foreign to you has a direct impact on your life. It opens your eyes and mind to these aspects which help you to understand people more.

Learn to see things from a different perspective. You’re young, and you have all the energy to visit picturesque landscapes and roam through cities across the globe. Out of all the excuses you have, this is one among the good reasons to go.

How about you? What’s the reason that ignites your dream to travel?

About Chie Suarez: sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay, NSW, Australia.

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  • I always encourage young pals to travel young even though they maybe short of money, because as you said, travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. But if people can’t travel much at the young age, they can still do it at any age.

  • These are all perfect points. If I knew what I know now, I would have started traveling when I was 18. People wait to travel after they retire and by then it is either too late or they are too old to really let their hair down and have a good time. Hope a youngster reads this and learns from it. Wish I would have read it years ago!

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