5 Reasons That Make Air Travel A Great Experience For Kids

Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, most people love air travel and this is especially true in case of kids. 

Sure, air travel doesn’t come for free, but what is priceless is the experience of making lifetime memories and learning new things about air travel. 

 Here are the 5 reasons that make air travel a great experience for kids:

1.   Flying means adventure

During the flight, kids can experience a whole new adventure while sitting comfortably on a window seat and flying thousands of miles above the clouds.

For instance, the breathtaking top views of the oceans, mountains, islands, and other beautiful landscapes are worth it. 

However, if your child has a fear of flying, enroll him/her in an online flying course before boarding the flight. Educating your young children before they undertake the journey will reduce the anxiety about traveling for the first time.

2.   Fastest way to travel

Flying is the fastest mode of travel that cuts hours or even days off of the journey. This is one of the main reasons why kids like air travel.

Once a plane takes off, it can fly at amazing speeds and can reach the destination sooner than any other mode of traveling.

For instance, there’s no faster way to travel from Europe to China than flying – those 12 hours can’t be beaten. So, kids are less likely to get tired and would spend their time reading books, listening to music, watching movies or other activities. 

3.   Learn about air travel 

Air travel will be a lot more fun if your kids get some educational benefits. For instance, what to do and not to do before boarding the flight.

Some of the things they learn are:

  • Check-in process 
  • Important traveling documents/procedures like security
  • How to fasten seat belts?
  • What to do if turbulence hits the plane?
  • Meaning of various safety signs and symbols demonstrated by the crew members
  • How to stay calm in case of any emergency?

It is important for parents to prepare their kids for the journey ahead. Discipline them right so they do not create a ruckus at the airport or during the flight. 

4.   Chance to make new friends 

Air travel offers a great opportunity for kids to meet and interact with new people on board.

You never know — the person sitting next to your child becomes his friend for life. For that matter, they are already familiar with each other and can become good friends during the flight. 

This makes your kids more social and even makes a long-haul flight much more enjoyable for them as well as for the parents. 

5.   Creates special memories 

While flying, the memories that your kids make are forever etched in their mind. 

They cherish these memories made with old childhood friends and family members. They may or may not remember the toys you gifted them recently but would always have interesting stories to share about their first air travel. 

Wrap up

From getting social to gaining knowledge, air travel is a great experience for kids and adults alike. 

Do you have any special stories to share about air travel? Feel free to share with our followers. 

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  • This summer we had planned the first flight with my daughter, she was really looking forward to this adventure … but because of the pandemic, everything had to be postponed …

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