5 Fascinating Holiday Stopover Sites of Taipei

Taipei is a fine-wrapped bundle of enjoyment which comprises of so many beautiful sightseeing attractions and natural geographies. This contemporary capital has so many amazing spots to take a visit, comfortable accommodation options like the Royal Biz Hotel Taipei to stay safe and there are heaps of touring destinations to explore, just make a sure visit to these alluring places to relish your holidays.

Yangmingshan National Park:

This is a splendid location and a greenery haven for various species of fauna life. This spot is suitable for a whole-day picnic where you can take your entire family along with you. Kids will love to play in the gardens and the grown-ups will love to have a soothing bathe in the natural hot springing pools. Hiking trails can also be expected here. Apart from these activities one can have a relaxing weekend in the fresh breathy atmosphere.


Wulai Falls:

Wulai is such a fresh and clean pouring waterfall that starts from the top of the lush-green mountains and hits so many medicinal greenery trees in the forest before reaching the land surface. This is actually a visual treat for the eyes and of course a feast for your vacationing moods. There is also a stand-still pool set-up where the waterfalls drain. You can rest on the shores or jump into the water and splash fun with your friends and family.


Shilin Guandi Park:

This finely manicured garden is the favorite hang-out spot for most of the tourists and locals. Just find a shade under the tree and get the company of your books and enjoy your afternoons. There is also separate play area for kids and jogging and walking trails for the elderly. The splendid artificial fountain and the pond in the center of the park gives a fresh feel to the entire park. We have a great accommodation with safe and neat near your tourist center spot is Royal Biz Hotel Taipei



Sanhsia Old Street:

This is one of the featured sites of Taipei to take a tour of. The buildings in this street take us back to the earlier centuries! You can take awesome photographs here, or just involve in a restless shopping. There are so many ancient style sculptures to shop for. Food is in deed fabulous here – taste all the delicious traditional dishes of Taipei and get fanatic to.




This is the entertainment street of Taipei! Lots of shopping opportunities are available here. Eating street food in the street-side restaurants, watching local dance performed on the road side and listening to the live music played on the side of the street are some of the featured things to see here. The giant red building, popularly known as the Ximen Red House is one of the famous landmarks to see in this street.


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