5 Amazing Reasons to Consider Boracay as Your Next Getaway Destination

Boracay whitebeach

Boracay whitebeach

by K. Alexandra,

Ever heard of the Pearl of The Orient? That’s the Philippines for you, Southeast Asia’s pearl comprising of 7,107 islands. It’s a predominantly Catholic country and renowned for its amazing culture of hospitality, hardworking overseas working Filipinos, and excellent English speakers. It’s an Asian country that melds the the east and west quite well, and one of the reasons why you’d want to consider the Philippines’ crown jewel, Boracay island (voted number 1 in Travel+Leisure’s World Best Awards Top 10 Islands), as your next vacation destination. Thinking of booking one of the Boracay resorts  you read online? Before doing that, we’ve got 5 superb reasons why you should spend a couple of days to weeks in Boracay:

#5: Boracay Beats Spain’s Ibiza As A Party Island

Who would’ve known this little kept secret of the east beats Spain’s own renowned party island of Ibiza in its own game? Boracay recently made it to Cheapflight.com’s list of Top 10 Party Beaches Around The World by voters, ranking at number 3 with 5 stars while Ibiza ranks 7th place and Miami’s South Beach rank 8th. Every time the sunsets in Boracay, the party starts. Happy hour starts at around 5:00PM lasting around 7:00PM and some up until 11:00PM. Outdoor dining by White Beach lasts until the 9PM or 10:00PM while the bars, lounges, and parties start between 8 and 9:00PM and lasts until the wee hours, anywhere between 3 and 4 in the morning. Whether you’re into disco, clubhouse, or just lounging about by the multitude of bars by the beach, or maybe even have a quiet evening with a Heineken at hand, Boracay has it all.  Prices of drinks can be as low as $2.00 for beer or cocktails (buy one take one on some establishments during their Happy Hour) and can go up to $5.00) for some more exotic mixes.

#4: Boracay Has Everything Closeby, and We Mean Everything!

Convenience tops the list of considering Boracay. Have you ever been to an island resort and find out you’re limited to supplies of what the sole resort offers and discover everything, even the smallest of necessities to be so pricey? Boracay isn’t like that and has everything you need, available from many highend, midrange, and even common shops like sari-sari stores. There are two groceries by Station 2 and the main road, with prices that’s very comparable to the country’s capital, Manila.

  •  Sandals and clothes? Check.
  • Laundry services? Check.
  • Bathroom essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo? Check.
  •  Fruits, Vegetables, seafood, and raw meats? Check, there’s a small and tidy market nearby.
  •  Internet access? Check, plenty of Wi-Fi access in the island especially around White Beach area and Internet cafes available around the island for emergencies.
  •  Emergency services like hospitals and clinics? Check.

By no means are we saying Boracay is walkable (tried that and failed). It’s big enough that will need you to take a trike or bike around, and this also means many quiet areas around the island.

#3: Many English Speakers In Boracay and the Philippines

As mentioned before, the Philippines is a country that has extensive European and American influences dating back to when Spain first discovered, settled, and established trade routes during and after the renaissance, and when the Americans annexed the Philippines from Spain during the Spanish-American War. The Philippines and in Boracay, there are many English speakers both fluent and the not-so fluent, making communication a non-issue when it comes to language barriers. In other East, South, and Southeast Asian countries, this can become a very apparent issue that can become a thorn during one’s stay where resort staff simply cannot accommodate you because they can’t understand what you’re trying to tell them.

#2: Cost of Living and Entertainment in the Philippines is Very Affordable

It’s very, very affordable to live here. You can live as frugally or extravagantly during your stay in Boracay. On average, if you’re eating out frequently, expect to spend $5 on average for a meal when eating out at places around White Beach. This can go as low as $1 for eateries that aren’t exactly for tourists in the inner areas of the island, or when you decide to cook your own food by buying groceries and from the wet market. This can go as high as around $25 to $37.50 for an evening buffet in the Boracay’s premier hotels and resorts like Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa, and Discovery Shores. As you can see, your dollar, euro, yen, and yuan goes very far while in Boracay.

#1: So Many Things To Do In Boracay, and Many Unspoilt Beaches

There are so many things to do while in Boracay it’s difficult to miss anything. From kitesurfing (Boracay is world famous spot for this activity), to wakeboarding, to jet skiing, to fishing, to snorkeling, to hiking, to renting out a bicycle, scooter, or ATV for a little offroading, Boracay has it all. If you’re into doing activities within the island and watersports, the cost will really depend on the activity, but do expect to shell out $25 to $100 to $200 per person. Renting out an outrigger boat (often called a “Paraw”) costs about $37.50 for the entire day (early morning to around 5 to 6PM). Have an aching back? Massages are everywhere and typically starts at about $9 an hour. Awesome. You can plan these yourselves while you’re at the island or you can hire the services of the resort or hotel you’re staying at for a hassle-free experience. The most well known beach in Boracay is White Beach, a long and wide strip of the world renowned superbly white fine sand that’s almost 4 kilometers long and where the party’s at. There are 3 areas of White Beach – Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. Walking further from the southern end takes you to Station 2 and Station 1 – the end where you will find the most pristine of White Beach. There are 9 other beaches in Boracay, many are unspoilt, quiet, and have prestigious hotels and resorts nearby. If you’re looking for reviews of high-end, mid-range, and even affordable Boracay hotels, do check out the AwesomeBoracay.com website for the latest news around the island, and other blog stories.

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  • Nice article, K. Alexandra! Boracay is one of the best beaches in the Philippines, indeed! And.. actually, staying at Boracay Island within a week may not be not enough to do many activities there because when I was there, we used to stay at hotel to had our family reunion held there once a year. And it was so cliff hanging because we only had to stay within 7 days.

    Anyway, where did you stay at? 🙂

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