4 Types of Yacht Rental Services, Know Them before Hiring

Yacht is the most convenient and practical way to go on sailing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a yacht. You can take one from Yacht Rental in Dubai companies. You can sail anywhere you wish without the traffic rules and no need to get stuck in traffic jams. It is also a viable option to purchase a boat in tough times and it also keeps you away from the maintenance costs and mooring cost.


If you have booked you boat in advance, you will have your favoutrite boat with you even at the peak season. By booking in advance you have a choice to select the best and negotiate the rental company. Yacht charter prices are not more than an average reasonable hotel charges. This is also adventurous and thrilling.

Yacht charter provides more safety equipments and they comply with the state’s safety norms. Reputed and established charter services take adequate amount of care for the safety of the tourists. And they also provide special sailing clothes and other boating equipments. All this is included in the rental price and Even if they charge you extra they will charge a small amount only. It will be better if you ask the company what they are providing in the cost and what they are not.

Here are few ways to organize your charter.

Bare Boat Charter: In this kind of service they provide a qualified skipper along with the crew. This is the right option to go for this when you are going on a family holiday or with a group. You need experienced sailors as a safety measure for the passengers on board.


Flotilla Sailing: In this kind of service you need to have some previous sailing experience although there is a skipper in charge who will guide you. He will provide you an itinerary everyday as where to go and what are the precautions you have to take. Moreover they will also tell you about moorings and anchorages.


Skippered Yacht Charter: The charter company provides a well qualified and experienced skipper. He will help you in sailing and if you also have an interest in sailing, this will be the right time to know the secrets of sailing and try your hand on it.


Crewed Yacht Charter

A yacht is provided with a skipper and crew members they will take care of everything. This comes in the category of luxury yachts as this also includes a hostess and other staff members to pamper your group members on board.


It is advisable that you must hire a reputable yacht rental in Dubai because they will not compromise on the safety measures in order to cut the prices. Their boats are well maintained and they don’t use old and defective boats. You can enquire about their packages; they offer several additional benefits when you book them in advance. You have the option of taking their services as per their package or you can also customize them as per your requirements and budget.

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