4 Cool Things to Do in Phoenix for Under $20

cool things to do in Vegas

cool things to do in Vegas

by Miles Young,

Phoenix is a great city in the desert that attracts people from all over the world for a variety of reasons. The best part about being in Phoenix is that you do not need to spend a fortune to stay entertained. In fact, there are plenty of fun things to do for under $20.

Outdoor Sports

One of the great things about Phoenix is its climate and the year round access you have to outdoor sports. If you are not up for buying Phoenix Coyotes tickets, then get outside and enjoy the many inexpensive or free activities available in the warm Phoenix sun.

You can find a public park and put together a softball or baseball game on one of the many public baseball diamonds, or you can go hiking out in the desert wilderness that surrounds the city. There are cliffs to climb and nature paths you can follow which will allow you to see all of the natural beauty that the area has to offer. There are also plenty of pools and inexpensive water parks you can enjoy in the Phoenix area as well.


Phoenix brings together a variety of cultures that help to make it a very diverse community. Nowhere is that diversity more evident than in the many museums that are scattered throughout the city. Most of these museums offer very inexpensive admission and some are even free to enter. You can see artwork from the native people that have lived in the area for centuries, along with the art and culture that has been brought into the area by people who have settled in this desert community over the years. Some of the highlights include the Musical Instruments Museum and the Phoenix Children’s Museum.

Scottsdale Art Walk

Scottsdale, Arizona is a suburb of Phoenix that is the home to literally hundreds of artists from all over the world. The Scottdale Art Walk is an event organized by the artists of the area that encourages people to walk a pre-determined path which takes them past the many hundreds of art galleries and stores in the area. It happens every Thursday evening throughout the year, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day. Be sure to pick a cool, desert evening to help make your walk more comfortable. The artists have their work on display and for sale to anyone who is interested in taking something home
with them.

Japanese Tea Garden

There is an oasis in the middle of the desert, and it is called the Japanese Tea Garden, also known as the Japanese Friendship Garden. The climate in Phoenix is perfect for the many plants that are native to Japan and that grow in tea gardens found along the Japanese countryside. There are special ceremonies held the second Saturday of each month that are free for visitors to enjoy.

The city of Phoenix has a lot to offer visitors, and many of the best parts of the city cost little or nothing to enjoy. The next time you are in the desert, be sure to try the many cool things that you can do for under $20.

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