3 Beautiful Destinations for Off-Season Traveling

by Veronica Mendes,

If you’ve got the eye to travel but a tight budget, traveling during off-seasons can help you get out of town without breaking the bank. The following popular off-season destinations can catch the travel eyes of any nomad full of wanderlust.


Hawaii, Photo by courtney_80 via Flickr

Hawaii, Photo by courtney_80 via Flickr

Pros: The off-season happens three times a year — once in January and February, once in April and May, and again in September and October. The weather in Hawaii is at its best during these months with little rain and cool ocean breezes.

Families frequently visit during December when it’s snowing elsewhere or during summer months and school breaks. Enjoy your pick of hotel accommodations and beach resorts offering privacy and gorgeous views..

Accommodations are far less expensive in Hawaii during the off-season, and airfare to the islands is also much cheaper.

Cons: Hawaii experiences an influx of Japanese tourists during Japan’s Golden Week of holidays at the end of April and beginning of May, which crowds the region.

Travel Tips: February is the best time of year to see humpback whales in Hawaii, yet ocean waters are rougher in January and February for adventurers who enjoy surfing. The Aloha Festival takes place across the islands in September.

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon,Photo by Tobias Alt via Wikimedia Commons

Grand Canyon,Photo by Tobias Alt via Wikimedia Commons

Pros: The off-season at the Grand Canyon is from November 25 to March 6. The national park is a beautiful family getaways during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

It is hot and crowded at the Grand Canyon during tourist season. During the off-season, enjoy cool temperatures with fewer visitors.

Hotels and camping around the Grand Canyon are more costly during tourist season. Prices are deeply discounted in the off-season, so you can experience the beauty of the canyon on a budget.

Cons: Certain areas can’t be accessed. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon closes for the season on November 27. Camping is not available after that time and many lodgings in that area are also closed.

Travel Tips: The “romance package” is available at the historic El Tovar lodging in January. Priced at less than $300 and meant for couples only, the package includes dinner for two (including wine) in the hotel’s dining room, as well as sparkling wine and a fruit basket delivered to your room.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls.Photo by Sujit kumar via Wikimedia Commons

Niagara Falls.Photo by Sujit kumar via Wikimedia Commons

Pros: The off-season in Niagara Falls runs from November 1 to April 1, which is the area’s most frigid months. You’ll find vacancies and rock bottom discount prices during these colder temps. Niagara Falls in the off-season is like a ghost town, but all the shops and restaurants are still open. Fewer crowds and tourists also make the falls safer from scams such as shoulder surfing theft or pickpocketing.

The Canadian Rainbow Tour, the Winter Festival of Lights, and the “Oh Canada, Eh?” show are just a few of the delights during the winter and early spring season.

Cons: It gets down into minus zero temperatures. You may just end up using your saved cash to buy winter gear for staying warm. Also, the Maid of the Mist is closed, which is one of Niagara Fall’s most popular attractions.

Travel Tips: Bring your passport. You need it to get into (and out of) Canada now, and many of the best off-season activities are on the Canadian side of the falls.

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