26 Reasons Why USA Must Be On Your Bucket List

Many people may not list the USA on their bucket lists. Perhaps the thought of other exotic locations sends the traveler spirit inside all of us aflutter. But wait, think again! The US is one of the most amazing places to visit, and here are 26 reasons why it should be on you bucket list.

Las Vegas, NV:

Las Vegas , NV

Las Vegas, NV

Noted as the  ‘gambling capital’ of the world, where else can you can flirt with lady luck, shop till you drop, dine at a top restaurant and get married by Elvis all in the same day?

Lake Champlain, VT:

Lake Chammplain, source Wikipedia

Lake Champlain, source Wikipedia

Lake Champlain in Vermont stretches from the US border to the Canadian province of Quebec. Widely known for recreational activities and tales about Champ the Champlain Lake Monster, the location is beautiful.

Space Needle, Seattle:

Space Needle at Night

Space Needle at Night

A prominent landmark of the Pacific Northwest, the Space Needle in Seattle is an observatory tower. The view from the 160-meter high observation deck is spectacular.

Grand Canyon, AZ:

 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

No postcard does this natural wonder justice.  Adventure buffs can hike its trails, ride the waters of the Colorado River, go bungee jumping or walk on the transparent sky deck.

Arches National Park, Moab, UT:

Archers Nat Park, Moab, UT

Archers Nat Park, Moab, UT

A unique tapestry of geological formations, the Arches National Park in Eastern Utah is renowned around the word for its many famous sandstone formations.

Great Sand Dunes National Park  & Preserve, Alamosa:

Sand Dunes National Park, Alamosa, CO

Sand Dunes National Park, Alamosa, CO

With the tallest sand dunes in North America, this park in Colorado is a favorite tourist destination. People come here for dune climbing and sand sledding.

Mount Rushmore, SD:

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore

This particular tourist attraction pays homage to America’s presidential heritage. This majestic sculpture in the Black Hills attracts 3 million visitors each year.

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, Credit nationalparks.org

Yosemite National Park, Credit nationalparks.org

Captivating and picturesque scenery, Yosemite National Park is rich in bio diversity, with it’s montage of beautiful flora and fauna. The park is one of the prominent attractions in California.

Golden Gate Bridge, California:

Golden Gate Bridge seen from the boat

Golden Gate Bridge

Completed in 1937, the iconic suspension bridge, with its “international orange” color, connects US Route 101 and California State Route 1.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI:

Volcano National Park, Source-hawaiihideaways.com

Volcano National Park, Source -hawaiihideaways.com

A World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve, this park is the best on the Big Island of Hawaii. To fly above the molten rocks and gaze at the magnificent volcanoes is an experience like no other.

Monterey Bay, California:

Monterey Bay, Credit wikipedia

Monterey Bay, Credit Wikipedia

Stretching from Santa Cruz to the Monterey Peninsula, this bay in the Pacific Ocean is home to many coastal activities and some very nice beaches to soak up the sun and unwind.

Times Square, NY:

Timessquare, NY, Credit- NYpost

Times square, NY, Credit- NYpost

It’s the ‘Heart of Manhattan’ and the spirit of the hum-drum of the city. It’s also the perfect backdrop for movies, television series or your selfie.

The Wave Canyon, AZ:

The Wave Canyon, Credit-ecotraveller

The Wave Canyon, Credit-ecotraveller

The Wave is also located in Arizona, and many people know it from the default list of desktop backgrounds in Windows. It’s a marvel of nature and somewhat of an optical illusion–too good a location to not visit.

Niagara Falls, NY:

Niagara Falls, Canadian side

Niagara Falls, NY

One of the most famous falls on Earth,  hear the thunder of its power and feel the spray on your face. It’s a truly enriching experience.

Channel Islands National Park, California:

Channel Islands, Credit- nationalparks.org

Channel Islands, Credit- nationalparks.org

Consisting of five island and forming one of the biggest US National Parks, the Channel Islands is a great place for an adventurous getaway on the California coast.

Yellowstone National Park, WY:

Yellowstone glory pool, Credit-secondglobe.com

Yellowstone glory pool, Credit -secondglobe.com

Located in Wyoming, this park also extends into Montana and Idaho. Rich in forests and animals, it’s the perfect place to be thrilled by the beauty of nature.

Cape Canaveral, FL:

Cape Canaveral, Credit-flicker

Cape Canaveral, Credit-flicker

Enjoy the miles of beach along Florida’s Atlantic coast after a day at the Kennedy Space Center

Hampton Beach, NY:

Hampton Beach, Photo by Scott Goodwin

Hampton Beach, Photo by Scott Goodwin

The prominent beach resort in the divine and luxurious Hamptons, Hampton Beach is not only the state’s busiest beach but also one of its most famous. You might just catch a celebrity strolling around!

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C:

State capitol, D.C, Credit Panoramio.com

Washington D.C, Credit Panoramio.com

The Capitol building of Washington DC is one of America’s oldest and most prominent landmarks. Every year, thousands of school kids visit to learn more about the US government.

Lake Mead & Hoover Dam:

Hover Dam

Hoover Dam

Dedicated in 1935 and originally named Boulder Dam, the Hoover Dam is the largest in the US. Spanning the Colorado River and forming Lake Mead, it was renamed in 1947 in honor of Herbert Hoover.

Aspen, CO:

Aspen, CO, Credit- happinessseries.com

Aspen, CO, Credit- happinessseries.com

Aspen is one of Colorado’s most historic and romantic cities. With its paved roads and red brick churches, this town is great for a honeymoon couple or anyone keen on romantic locations!

​​Roswell, NM:

Roswell, NM

Roswell, NM

Roswell, New Mexico is famous for  an alleged UFO incident in 1947. Still a very big mystery to, every year people come  to see for themselves if it is possible for a UFO to have crash landed here!

Denali National Park, AK:

Denali Nat Park, Ak, Credit-pixdaus.com

Denali Nat Park, Ak, Credit-pixdaus.com

Denali National Park and Preserve is located in the interior of Alaska. The landscape includes conifer forests and steep snow-laden peaks. This location is perfect for skiing or camping in the breathtaking artistry of the Alaskan mountains.

Disney World, Orlando:

Disney World, credit- destinationsinflorida

Disney World, credit- destinationsinflorida

Whether as an adult, teenager or child, everyone wants to go to a Disney Land park at least once in their lifetime. Well, the Orlando Disney Land is the best of them, and it’s the cherry on top of a perfect holiday.

San Diego, California:

Coronado Bridge, San Diego, Credit-brokereddie.com

Coronado Bridge, San Diego, Credit-brokereddie.com

San Diego’s famous landmarks include the Coronado Bridge and the Hotel Del, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse and Balboa Park. Stay a few nights–it’s an urban paradise for tourists.

Denver, CO:

Red rocks Amphitheater, Credit-cpr.org

Red rocks Amphitheater, Credit-cpr.org

Colorado’s capital, Denver, is particularly famous for its history in sports. It’s a stone throw away from the majestic Rocky Mountains, and don’t forget a trip to the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

So, if the USA isn’t on your bucket list, think again! You are missing out  on lots of great places to visit.

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