14 Places That Food Lovers Can’t-Miss Exploring

The romance of flavors with your taste buds and tingling sensation of the aromatic food are some of the feels you cannot resist! 

Hence, your wanderlust for enjoying tempting food is always urging your culinary explorations. If this is your case, you can consider food as your ‘soul mate.’

 Culinary Relationship go region deep!

If you plan to travel to the USA’s New England region, then you should know that it is one of the world’s best culinary destinations. Here it is all about combining delightful food experience with adventure. You can consider it as one of the most adventurous destinations for all foodies.

This region holds the best combination of all sorts of foods. You can find an endless variety of dishes. Relaxed, sophisticated, farm-to-table, ethnic, or traditional- anything you could ever wish.  Now seriously, what else would a foodie want? 

The best surprise this place holds is the variations it brings throughout the year. Not only the landscape add variety, but the changing weather adds up more options. 

Restaurants that will make you oodle and crave:

Foodies are always on the lookout for pocket-friendly as well as a sumptuous dining experience. Their sole concern is to add on to their taste glossary and enjoy flavors that they have never come across! When in the New England region, you can always enjoy delish meals that are scrumptious and appetizing. As for desserts, the multiple options of insatiably indulgent variety awaits you! So, these are some from a long list of best restaurants in Western Mass:

The Bun and Fillet romance!

The region is well known for its juiciest and loaded burgers that cannot only be classified as your exotic dining experience but can also be listed as comfort food. So now, if you are super crazy about your burgers, then you should definitely enjoy your meal at one of the restaurants mentioned below. 

  • Max Burger:This place offers award-winning, full-filling burgers in American-style that can fall into the category of comfort food. To top it all, there is an extraordinary selection of craft beers, which you can enjoy in a fantastic casual atmosphere. The ambiance adds significantly to the experience here.
  • The Mick (Tuesday Burger Night): This place should be your go-to place when you are looking to relax and unwind. The place offers a relaxed dining experience with a trendy bar, show kitchen and raw bar catering to every customer that walks in. Moreover, you will have incredible options for appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees to choose from. 
  • Latitude: The unique quality of this place is that it is updated daily as they believe in serving what they feel is the best. The ingredients used by them are all from local farms, which ensures taste and quality. In season, they also serve Certified Angus Beef and Da Boat seafood. 
  • 30 Boltwood: This fantastic place provides an intimate yet unassuming dining experience. Merely prepared meals, crafted by Chef Dino and inspired by the richness of locally produced ingredients. This place is highly recommended for the gatherings of old friends or new acquaintances. 

Douse in the local flavors to add a feather to your culinary experience 

Visiting a place and not trying their local food is practically a sin! So to help you avoid that sin, below are some ambrosial options that help you taste the region’s specialties. 

  • Frigo Foods: They provide high-quality local food. You will enjoy the most authentic regional cuisine and flavors here. This is a small family run business that also offers catering services, gourmet food, and gift baskets. 
  • Champney’s Restaurant & Tavern: The food here is prepared using the freshest ingredients of the nearby farm. The food, therefore, tastes scrumptious, and you can relish the purity of nature and savor the seasonings in every bite. They also offer the best beers and have a very affordable wine list. The comfy sitting rooms and fireplaces make the experience even better and personalized. 
  • The Federal: This place beautifully amalgamates white linen elegance of that bygone era with fresh and innovative American cuisine. The dishes here are marvelous and show strong Italian and French influence. 
  • Delany’s Grill: This place will surprise with the best possible steak ever. The tangy flavors and the succulent silky texture is probably one of the most awesome experience you will have. It is officially known as the best steakhouse in Western Mass with 100% Black Angus beef. The place also offers the best fish, pork, chicken, vegetarian dishes. 

The sumptuously heavenly fresh-from-oven delights:

  • Atkin’s Farm Market: The Atkins farm has been producing apples for over 100 years now. This place offers delicious apple snacks and other flaky-fresh bakery items to satisfy your deepest cravings. 
  • The Big E: It is a 17-day event with a nice variety of food and flavors to experience. Here, you will be welcomed by the most remarkable “bakery smell” and amazed by the mouth-watering bakery items available. 
  • Randall’s Farm: This place features the best fresh produce, full garden center, homestyle bakery, homemade ice creams, beer, fruit baskets, and gluten-free grocery items. You will be surprised by the variety and quality served here.

The richly satisfying melt-in-your-mouth Ice-cream treats:

  • Friendly’s: You will find many outlets in this beautiful place with yummiest treats to offer. It was started as a small shop but is now available everywhere in Western Mass and, therefore, is a must-try. 
  • Midwood’s Dairy Barn: Ice creams and much more is available on their menu. A cozy home-like ambiance makes the divine ice-cream treat even better. For any special occasion, you may try their root beer float made with locally made craft root beer that will send you to seventh heaven!
  • Herrell’s In Thornes Marketplace:  If you are up for some lip-smacking refreshingly sensational treat, then this colorful, cheerful place is a must-visit. With more than 200 flavors of high quality, fresh, handmade velvety smooth ice-creams, frozen yogurt, and sorbets, this place is heaven. They have also been nationally claimed as the pioneers in all ice-cream parlors. 

The most unique thing about this place is that the more you explore, the more options you will seek. Therefore, even after mentioning such a variety of restaurants, the region is exploding with even more amazing eateries. 

Adieu to a chapter in foodie’s bible!

Since authenticity, comfort, innovation are the three primary characteristics in every restaurant, and foodies are always on the lookout for such places. We suggest that you should give these places a try and if you have more places to share, do so and tell us what you find more exciting about them!

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