101 Things to Do in Palm Springs

Are you planning a trip to Palm Springs soon, but you’re not sure what to expect? Perhaps you’ve been before and want to experience something new? Here are 101 things you can do while vacationing in this desert oasis in and around the Coachella Valley.

Beautiful Palm Springs

Beautiful Palm Springs

1. Visit the Historical Society of Palm Springs and its museum in the McCallum Adobe, the oldest building in the city. 2.  Fly in a plane over Palm Springs in a historical Sterman for an unforgettable experience.


3.  Play a round of golf at Cimarron Golf Resort while admiring the gorgeous San Jacinto Mountain range. 4.  Go Pool hopping
Golfing in Cimarron

Golfing in Cimarron

5.  Dine at Balisage Bistro to watch planes landing and taking off. 6.  Play tennis at Ruth Hardy Park. 7.  Work out at the Desert Wellness Park. 8.  Go on a self-guided tour to find the homes of Hollywood stars.
Frederick Lelowe's house

Frederick Loewe’s house

9.  Take an organized tour to see the homes of the stars. 10.  Palm Springs Walk of Fame. 11.  Window shopping on the Strip. 12.  Have fun with the locals at the Villagefest every Thursday.
Village fest


13.  Enjoy live music and a drink at the Hyatt Hotel on Thursdays. 14.  Pluck a fresh orange or grapefruit right off of the trees.
Grapefruit trees on the streets

Grapefruit trees along the streets

15.  Admire the artwork at the Hard Rock Hotel. 16.  Touch a piece of western history by staying at Wild Bill Cody’s at  Casa Cody Inn. 17.  Have lunch at the locals’ favorite Fisherman’s Market Grill for fresh fish dishes and savor a meal at famous Lulu California Bistro.
Fisherman's Market & Grill

Fisherman’s Market & Grill

18.  Learn about desert flora at the Moorten Botanical Gardens and see the world first cactarium. 19.  Take the world’s only spinning cable car to the top of Mt. San Jacinto for unforgettable views of the Coachella Valley. 20.  Go for a hike on Mt. San Jacinto and admire the lookout points over the area. 21.   Enjoy the cool weather and the snow at the summit of 11000-foot-high Mt. San Jacinto in winter.
Spectacular views of the Valley below from Mt St Jacinto

Spectacular views of the Coachella Valley from Mt. St Jacinto

22.   Eat a fantastic cake at Sherman’s – offering Coachella Valley’s most famous cakes. 23.   Visit the wind farms in the world’s second windiest place. 24.   Rent a bike and follow various bike paths through the city. 25.   Visit Desert Regional Hospital and discover the El Mirador hotel’s legacy and memorabilia.
Desert Regional Medical Center

Desert Regional Medical Center

26.   Indulge in luxury by soaking in mineral spas. 27.  Hike up the mountains at dusk and walk in the moonlight. 28.   Discover Indian Canyons.
Indian Canyons

Indian Canyons

29.   See waterfalls in Taquitz Canyon.
Waterfall at the end of the hike

Waterfall at the end of the hike

30.   Visit Painted Canyon. 31.   Dive into a swimming pool.
Vue of the mountains from the pool

View of the mountains from the pool

32.   Spend a few hours at the Agua Caliante Cultural Museum. 33.   Visit Palm Springs Air Museum.

Air Museum

34.   Stroll along El Paseo – considered the Rodeo drive of Palm Springs. 35.  . Catch up on some reading at the Palm Springs Library. 36.   Treat yourself to a night at the Riviera Resort Palm Springs.
Rivera resort

Riviera Resort

37.   Go on a shopping spree at The Riviera Palm Springs. 38.  Take a seat at the Corridor and have a cup of coffee among the locals hangout. 39.   Stargaze at night – the city’s light pollution is extremely low. 40.   Take a Haunted Carriage Tour.
the Corridor

The Corridor

41.  Visit the Coachella Valley Preserve and Desert Oasis. 42.  Check out the date palm plantations. 43.  Gamble at the Casino Palm Springs. 44.  Admire mid-century homes in the Las Palmas and Movie Colony neighborhoods.
Mid- Century homes

Mid-century homes

45.  Appreciate the sunset while taking a walk at dusk. 46.  Visit Bob Hope’s house. 47.  Walk around the Racket Club district. 48. Stand on both sides of the San Andreas Fault.
Historical Society of Palm Springs

Historical Society of Palm Springs

49.  Be surprised by how many different palm trees there are in the city. 50.  Have a ball with kids at Wet n’ Wild. 51. Visit the Living Desert Zoo.
Living desert

Living Desert

52.Eat a bag of popcorn during an UltraMAXimum experience at Desert Cinema. 53. Find something special at the Palm Springs Vintage Market. 54. Check out the Coachella Valley Art Scene. 55. Shop at Cabezon Outlets. 56. Stand amid towering Cabazon Dinosaurs—you can even climb inside one.
Dinosaures at Cabazon

Dinosaures at Cabezon

57. Take a tour of the Coachella Valley Brewing Companies and sample the local brew. 58. Buy certified organic food at the Organic Market every Saturday. 59. Rent a dune buggy and go for a dune ride. 60. Tour Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon Hideaway.


61.See what’s new at the Coachella Valley Art Center. 62. Visit the Palm Springs Art Museum. 63. Hike South Lykken Trail.
Blooming flowers

Blooming flowers

64. Hike Fern Canyons. 65. Rise above the desert in a hot air balloon. 66. Take the Buzz for a free ride in town. 67.Visit the Palm Springs Convention Center.


68.Sit beside the Sonny Bono Statue. 69.Take a seat next to the Lucille Ball Statue. 70. Get tickets for a performance at the Annenburg Theater. 71. Learn about Native American culture at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum. 72. Go to Desert Hot Springs for some spa treatments. 73. Drive to Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park

74. Camp at the Joshua Tree National Park and stargaze at the most beautiful and stunning night sky over the Joshua Tree National Park. 75. Coachella valley Music Festival. 76.Walk along Palm Canyon Drive 77. Visit East Jesus for a unique experience. 78. Learn about one man’s devotional to his faith at Salvation Mountain.
Salvation Mountain, Part II

Salvation Mountain

79. Drive to Salton Sea— the largest body of water in California. 80. Sail on Salton Sea. 81.  Birdwatching in the morning at Salton Sea Recreation Area.
Salton Sea

Salton Sea

82.  Visit the outdoor museum of Noah Purifoy. 83. Count how many statues of Christ there are at the Desert Christ Park. 84.  Watch a tennis match at the world-famous Indian Wells Tennis club. 85.  Get tickets for  the annual Stagecoach Country Music Festival. 86.  Skydive over Palm Springs. 87.  Visit the Slab City, an abandoned military base now referred to” The last free place on Earth”
Slab city limits

Slab City

88.  Watch a show at Macallum Theater. 89. Shop at the Gardens on El Paseo and Westfield Mall. 90.  Find the artsy side of life at the city’s art galleries. 91. Discover the Downtown and Uptown Design District. 92. Soak up the sun. 93.  Get a tan. 94.  Walk in the Little Tuscany district.
Walking in Little Tuscany

Walking in Little Tuscany

95.  Get married at a wedding chapel. 96.  Catch a glimpse of a coyote or a road runner.
Wildlife in Palm Springs

Wildlife in Palm Springs

97. Admire Robo Lights and meet the creator of  these amazing Christmas lights, Mr Kenny Erwin Jr.
Robo Lights

Robo Lights

98. Enjoy a party of pickle ball at Demuth Park. 99.  Take the kids to the Children’s Museum in Palm Desert and paint a car.


100.  Enjoy a vintage car show at McCormick’s. 101.  Check out the vibrant gay scene.

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