10 useful apps and accessories for your travels!

10 useful apps and accessories for your travels!

10 useful apps and accessories for your travels!

1. TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

Trip Advisor is a trusted and reliable place to start when on your travels. This useful city guide app is great for searching for restaurants, attractions and hotel reviews in a large variety of cities around the world. The app also uses the iPhone GPS and compass to take you to a selected place of your choice. The city facts and self-guided tours are valuable features for any travellers. The app works offline, which is a real bonus, as the last thing you need whilst travelling are large data roaming charges!

07 September 2012
Developer: TripAdvisor
Price: Free

2. Booking.com

Booking.com is a popular app for searching and booking hotels all around the world. Users can simply search for places to stay in, view and book their final choices. Guest reviews are also available for a more trusted opinion and users can also use the app to show their booking confirmation when checking in. This is a real highlight, as no printing and extra documents are required.

Updated: 15 October 2012
Developer: Booking.com B.V.
Price: Free

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a fantastic app for saving money on your travels. The app searches and compares flights on over 1000 airlines around the world. It presents users with the cheapest destinations to fly to and the cheapest dates available. The app also allows users to then purchase their tickets direct from the airlines or travel agents, saving time and money. It is also available in 28 languages, making it inclusive to many users.

Updated: 10 September 2012
Developer: Skyscanner Limited
Price: Free

4. TripList

This organisational travel app will aid users pack and prepare for their holidays with ease! Firstly, users select the type of trip they are preparing for and then start compiling their packing and preparation items from the very useful category lists presented, which are relevant to their trip. Users can then select the items they require from each category and can also add and customise their items to create lists that are personal and specific to their travel needs. The to-do category is particularly useful as it acts as a great reminder for relevant tasks, such as book travel insurance and exchange money. Items can be easily ticked off once they have been packed or completed.Your packing needs are sorted!

Updated: 05 October 2012
Developer: Ryan Hartman
Price: £1.99

5. iFly Pro

iFly pro is an impressive and large airport guide app, which presents information on over 700 airports around the world. Users can select the airport they require from the alphabetical list presented, type to find their selected airport or allow the app to use their current location to find them. Once users have selected their airport choice, the app presents detailed and informative information specific to their selection. The terminal maps are extremely beneficial to all travellers, as well as the list of food, bars and shops available. This is great for those travellers who are pressed for time to quickly locate their nearest shop to gather those last minute essentials before they depart or an ATM machine for some cash. Users can also check those all-important flight schedules and check the status of specific flights.

Updated: 20 August 2012
Developer: Red Cirrus LLC
Price: £4.99

6.  iKeep – Anti-theft and Security Accessory

The iKeep is an ideal accessory for your travels, as it prevents against loss, damage and theft to your beloved Apple devices. Simply connect the iKeep to your chosen device and use the clip-on design to clip the iKeep onto your handbag, belt loop, backpack, briefcase or any other item you wish to connect your device to. The iKeep features an extendable and retractable 24 inch nylon cord, which is ideal for preventing loss and damage against dropping your device. It’s an ideal solution for people on the go, for use when travelling in busy airports, train stations and crowded areas. Stay safe!

iKeep is available from www.avanquest.co.uk/accessories
Compatibility: The 30 pin push release connector works with the iPad, iPod, iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G and first generation models.
Price: £19.99

7. Around Me

Know Your Surroundings! Don’t find yourself getting lost in unknown locations! Take this Around Me app along with you on your travels to obtain useful information on your surroundings. The app identifies your position and can find all those essential places you need, such as banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, taxi ranks, supermarkets and various other places of interest and need. Selected places can be viewed on the map with routes provided, as well as the contact details. A great travel companion app!

Updated: 27 October 2012
Developer: Attorno A Me S.R.L.
Price: Free

8. Your Travel Health

There is nothing more important than your health! Make your travels as safe and healthy as possible by preparing for high-risk diseases and immunisations needed. Your Travel Health is an important app to take along on your travels, as it presents detailed information on endemic travel associated diseases for 249 different countries. It checks the Malaria and Yellow Fever status for selected countries and provides travel alerts issued by relevant Government and health organisations. The immunisation record is a valuable feature of this app, as it can store your vaccine history information and remind you on next doses and boosters.
Your health is your wealth!

Update: 30 October 2012
Developer: www Machealth Pty Ltd
Price: £2.49

9. XE Currency

Wherever you travel to in the world, this is a useful app for converting your currency. The app provides live currency rates and charts for every world currency, which are regularly refreshed. Users can calculate prices with the currency converter and can simultaneously monitor up to ten currencies as a time. A popular and trusted app that it a must have for your travels.

Update: 31 October 2012
Developer: XE.
Com Inc
Price: Free

10.  Weather+

Don’t get stuck in the rain! Invest in a trusted and essential weather app that will inform you on vital weather conditions, with a five-day forecast of all worldwide weather stations. The full screen videos and world clock are brilliant features to the app.

Update: 30 October 2012
Developer: International Travel
Price: Free

Yiota Marie is the Reviews Editor for FanAppic and has compiled a useful list of 10 essential travel apps and accessories to meet your needs. Check them out and see how they could benefit your travels by keeping you organised, informed and safe!

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