10 Travel Things You Have to Know Before Renting a Short Term Apartment

Short Term Apartments

Short Term Apartments

Whether you are going to Tel Aviv on business or pleasure, you are in for a rare treat. This, the second largest city in Israel is one of the most exciting and interesting cities on the planet. Tel Aviv is home to a beautiful coastline, wondrous attractions, numerous museums, and a welcoming population. There are many great apartments available for short and long term lease. However, there are a few things that you need to know before renting an apartment in Tel Aviv. The following is not an all inclusive list but does cover many of the things that people forget to discover.

01.  You will need to know exactly how long your stay is going to be before renting an apartment in  Tel Aviv. If you are in Israel on business and the length of your stay is subject to change… make sure you know in advance whether you will have the option to extend your lease.

 02. As with most things in life, location is everything. When searching for an apartment in Tel Aviv, you will find that there is a location for every taste. There are also locations that are far safer than others. Asking the right questions will depend upon what kind of lifestyle you are looking for. Do you want a location that is lively, with entertainment and plenty of things to do nearby, or are you looking for quiet and sedate?

03.  If you have pets and are the kind of person that cannot bear to be apart from them even for a short while, you will need to know a few things in advance. First, does the property owner allow pets? Ask if there is an extra deposit for pets. If your pet is a dog, research the area for parks that allow for walking your pet.

04.  A problem that many short term apartment renters run into unexpectedly is parking. If you plan on bringing or renting an automobile, you will need to know about the parking situation in your area. Some high-end apartments have on premise or designated parking. Street parking can be a problem in some areas. If you are depending upon public transportation or taxi cabs in order to get around… you will need to research that as well.

Short Term Apartments

Short Term Apartments

 05.  Appliances are not something that you can easily bring with you, particularly if you are traveling from overseas. While most long and short term apartments come with appliances, it pays to verify three things.

  • What types of appliances are in the apartment?
  • What shape are they in?
  • Who is responsible should they break down?

06. A washer and dryer are usually not included on a list of appliances. You will need to know if there are laundry machines in the apartment, in the building, or if residents use a local Laundromat. There are also services in Tel Aviv that will pick up and wash, dry, iron, mend, and deliver your laundry for a fair price.

07. While this is not always the case, some people do bring many of their personal belongings with them even during short term leasing of a few months. (Such as exercise equipment) Very often, they miscalculate just how much the square footage given will accommodate. Ask about storage space inside the apartment, the building, and in the neighborhood.

08. Tel Aviv has many types of apartments, including those that stand alone. However, it always pays to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Ask the realtor or property owner what type of neighbors you can expect and how many shared walls are in the apartment. You might also ask which walls are shared. If you have children with you, look for apartment buildings with other children.

09. Security is an issue regardless of where you are in the world and Tel Aviv is no exception. This is especially true when you have children. If you are looking at apartment buildings, you will want to know if your building has secure access or any type of security in place. Many secure buildings also use CCTV security cameras on site.

10. When renting an apartment over long distances, we do not have the opportunity to walk through the properties we are considering. Often, we forget to ask basic questions that we would otherwise see for ourselves. You will need to know if there are ample electrical outlets, where they are located, and whether the electricity runs on breakers or fuses inside or outside of the apartment. To know about apartments in Tel Aviv visit our site.

Other factors to consider include local shopping, ongoing construction in the area, and if there is dining close by. You may only be renting for a short time, but you should be safe and enjoy your stay in Tel Aviv.

Bio: Nadav Ziv is the co-founder of TellaVista and he is also a renowned expert in real estate property marketing.

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