10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Florida On Vacation

Everybody loves the idea of vacationing. At least once a year, people plan to go out with families and friends to enjoy their time somewhere beautiful so that they can relax, flush out all the worries, change their mood and much more. One of the places that are featured a lot in blogs, podcasts, and holiday-related websites is ‘Florida’. It is one of the few venues that have a plethora of experiences to offer its visitors as well as residents. It has theme parks that can blow your socks away as well as natural adventures, beaches, and more. Whether you are a history buff, a science geek, an adventure seeker, a gambling person, or just looking for relaxation, you will find something of interest in Florida. The best part is that you don’t need a big budget. Just go on the internet and search for budget-friendly places to stay in Kissimmee Florida or wherever you are going and other budget plans and you will be all set to go.

Here we have listed down 10 reasons why you should visit Florida when on vacation.


According to claims, St. Augustine is an old city in the United States of America. Almost everyone has heard of it, even if they don’t know much about it. St. Augustine is famous for many reasons some of which are its ghost stories and who doesn’t like ghost stories anyway, its picturesque, Spanish architecture as well as the charming and pleasantly old-fashioned cafes. One of the must-visit sites in St. Augustine is the famous fortress of Castillo de San Marcos. If you are in the city of St. Augustine, do visit Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park and the famous water spring there. 


For all the science geeks and nerds out there, Florida offers you America’s very first space station at Cape Carnival. Ever since the Kennedy Space Center started in the ’60s, it has been associated with multiple operations like the Apollo, sky Lab, and other various space shuttles. The facility is open for tourists and there are a lot of things that will keep you glued to the place even though you didn’t plan on spending so much time there. 


Theme parks are great not just for kids but for adults as well. Orlando is already one of the topmost destinations for residents of the USA as well as from abroad. People travel from far and wide to visit their favorite movies and sets like the Universal Orlando Resort that consists of, among others, the Islands of Adventures and Universal Studios. Youngsters and adults can whiz through the magical world of Harry Potter. Go and visit Hogwarts or the Diagon Alley and live like wizards. For the animal lovers, there is Sea World where you get to have the experience of a lifetime by watching the dolphins, penguins and other sea creatures as they move around the aquarium. And no discussion about theme parks is complete without mentioning the dreamy and breathtaking Disney World. 


Florida is not only famous for its theme parks but also for the parks. It is a haven for nature lovers. It boasts of around 200 state and national parks, forests and other wildlife areas that are stunning enough to take your breath away. If you come to Florida and plan to visit nothing but the parks, even then you won’t be able to spend time in every one of them. The best thing is to find out the various activities that are being offered and select the ones that you like the best. 


Where there are parks, there is wildlife and Florida is rich with it. You will find a plethora of animals, birds, and reptiles of different species that you can observe as well as dolphins, alligators, and the Florida panther.


For the adults who are night owls, Florida offers a nightlife that is unmatched almost everywhere else. Although Florida is also known as the Sunshine state, there is a continuous party going on even after the sun goes down. The most famous of them all are the parties at Miami Beach. Thanks to the movies, Miami Beach has become hugely popular for its beaches as well as its parties. The best part is that some special parties go on 24×7 continuously. 


Who hasn’t heard of Florida’s beaches? They are famous for the variety that they offer. Whether you are in the mood for crystal white beaches and seashells or you crave for the romantic sunsets and gentle waves lapping at your feet, Florida has it all. Want to spend some private time as a secluded spot with a special someone or want to have a party with friends? All those things are available for you in Florida. Go for Lido Key which is a magnet for the eco-tourists as well as people who love cruises. 


If you thought that you would have to go to Las Vegas to win something, you were wrong. Florida may not have the same intensity as Las Vegas but it still gives you the rush that you are looking for. There are major casinos where you can go to get lucky like the Miccosukee Resort and Gaming that is located right at the outskirts of Miami or the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino that is situated in Hollywood. If you are a rock and roll fan, go to the Seminole just for the ambiance and the environment that they’ve created. You can revel in the hotel’s rock fan sanctuary as all the walls of the hotel are covered with rock and roll memorabilia. 


Did you think that we forgot about history buffs? Not at all. You will be able to find out who the Floridians are, where they came from, the tribes that lived there like the Timucuan, Miccosukee, Seminole, as well as the European explorers that came there. Check out their art, culture, food, and architecture that will fill your travel diaries with sophisticated details.


Visit the Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation to find out all about the native American community. Visit the museum as well as the modern theater to listen and view the story of the Seminole. Check out the traditional crafts made by the people there and try their local foods and delicacies like corn, beans, and squash.


Last but not the least, this is for art lovers. The Salvador Dali Museum contains collections of the famous painter. This is probably one of the largest collections of his work. You are going to love spending hours upon hours looking at the stunning style of paintings, drawings, fine prints, and objects.


These are 10 unavoidable reasons to visit Florida on your next vacation. You are going to find so much more when you will finally get there. Since now you are all equipped to plan your next vacation, we wish you a happy holiday.

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  • On the Florida Keys archipelago , is the first U.S. submarine park – John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Here you can see a three-meter bronze sculpture of Christ weighing 1.8 tons, which is located under water at a depth of 6 m.
    I would love to visit Florida and see it!

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