10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Dubai

Dubai seems to be a place where all your wishes can come true. It’s a destination where you can experience all that’s possible under the sun – from being on top of the world to enjoying the suite life like a royal, right to making snow angels in a desert land. Dubai has time and again proved to conquer the attention of the world with elements of surprises and a variety of unique experiences, all of which will certainly make you fall in love with this Arabian city and leave you wanting for more.

1. The astonishing Dubai city skyline

burj-khalifa-dubaiThere aren’t many cities in the Middle East which can take your breath away with the mere sight of their cityscapes. The first thing that you’ll fall in love with in Dubai is its grand, glittering and structured skyline. You’ll be in awe by the amazing innovative skills and the city’s never-ending quest to outshine at engineering marvels beyond belief. Be it from above the ground or at eye level, the city will spellbind you in every aspect. The current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is a spectacular addition to its skyline, and from its base you’ll wonder if you can capture the whole structure in one snapshot. If you’re awestruck by its sheer sight from below, wait until you reach the top. The 360-degree panorama of the city will blow your mind away. From the expansive arid desert to iconic landmarks and soaring skyscrapers—you’ll gaze upon a miniature version of Dubai’s true self.

2. The hidden underwater voyage at the Lost Chambers of Atlantis

Lost Chambers of AtlantisHave you ever dreamt of swimming with sharks? In Dubai, everything seems possible. Get set for an expedition to the ruins of the lost, submerged city of Atlantis at the Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis the Palm Dubai. Here, you can take the plunge and come face to face while scuba diving amongst sharks, unique sea creatures and also hand feed giant rays.

3. Cruising on a silent Dubai Creek

Another way to witness the best sights of Dubai’s charm is by taking a cruise down the Dubai Creek to appreciate the contrasting blend of old and new. You’ll be amazed by how much Dubai has evolved since its days as a small fishing village.

The lively vibes of Dubai and its dynamism is what entices its guests, but the city shows you how to tune it down if you want to feel serenity amid the buzz of the city. Meander into silence with a Dhow Dinner Cruise on the Dubai Creek and feel the rushes of the city ebbing away into the sounds of slow ripples of water, tranquil ambiance and light merriment. What could be more enthralling than relishing a delicious dinner with live music aboard a dhow as it glides along on a moonlit night. The city dazzles in shades of multi-coloured lights, conjuring a different image than it showcased in the day.

4. Snow skiing in the desert

Ski DubaiWhere else but in Dubai will you find snow in the desert. Another impossible feat made possible, Dubai is the only desert land having snow all year around. With a determined goal to provide any kind of attraction to make Dubai a fun-filled holiday destination, Ski Dubai is one of the city’s outlandish attractions – an artificial winter wonderland amid a scorching desert. Ski Dubai is an indoor arena built within the Mall of The Emirates and is filled with snow throughout the year, whatever the temperature may be outside. As a great family attraction, you’ll enjoy a day of skiing on slopes of varied speeds, riding chairlifts, snow fights, making a snowman or simply watching the sights of waddling penguins at the Penguin Encounter.

5. Experience skydiving both indoor and outdoor

Skydiving DubaiWould you love to experience the delight of hurtling down to earth to feel what flying is like? You can have the real experience in Dubai. Venturing into adventure sports, Dubai offers skydiving for the daring souls who have a thing for adrenaline-rushing thrills. For those not so bold enough to try the real thing, IFly Dubai offers visitors an innovative design indoors that simulates the real deal in a vertical tube without actually having to jump out of a plane.

6. Watch a sunset over the desert

sunset in desertYou must have strolled along a beach and watched the sun set into the sea many times, but try experiencing the same in a desert, for it will leave you spellbound. The beauty of the desert sand dunes bathed in warm golden tones of the setting sun has an enchanting effect. It’s a perfect way to wind up an adventurous day and feel the tranquility of the evening, basking in the magical ambiance as the day fades into an Arabian night, complete with authentic Arabian food and entertainment.

7. Dine to your heart’s content

diningIf you’re a food lover, then Dubai is a paradise for you. Dubai has captured worldwide attention with its rapid urbanism and has allured international chefs, welcomin them to showcase their expertise in a kaleidoscope of sensational, epicurean experiences that fuse with the homely traditional culinary delights. Be it authentic Emirati cuisine, Indian, Japanese, Italian or more, there are plenty of options to choose from that suit all tastes and budgets. You can indulge in exclusive dining at award-winning, top-class restaurants, explore the streets of Dubai to sample the local cuisine, or opt for dining in unforgettable exotic settings.

8. Pamper yourself with unmatched luxury living

Burj Al ArabYou can literally live like a royal in Dubai. The hospitality scenario has changed by leaps and bounds, with numerous hotel chains setting up extra- ordinary leisure havens with facilities that are the best in the world, making Dubai the world’s premier destination for luxury living. Be it the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the classy Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa, or the surreal Atlantis the Palm Dubai, the city takes its lifestyle seriously and offers impeccable levels of service to ensure a comfortable lavish stay. Whether you’re travelling solo, with your loved one or as a family, Dubai has something to suit every genre of traveller who comes with an expectation of flair and sophistication.

9. Shopping!

The Burj KhalifaDubai is known for its shopping scene and is the place to be for shopaholics. You’ll fall in love with the city’s incredible array of malls, one of which is the biggest in the world – The Dubai Mall. The city gives you an incredible shopping experience right from grand, sprawling malls to the winding streets of Old Dubai’s traditional souks. Treat yourself to endless choices of shops and outlets when the city throws open its gates to welcome shopping enthusiasts to fill their heart’s desire during the Dubai Shopping Festival and at the Global Village.

10. Soak up the sun at fascinating water parks

Wild Wadi Waterpark in DubaiThe best way to escape the city heat and cool off is by splashing in water, or rather zooming down some thrilling water rides at the fabulous water parks of Dubai. A great way to spend some family fun time, the Aquaventure Water Park and the Wild Wadi Water Park are Dubai’s prime spots to indulge in great water activities. With countless swimming pools, towering water slides, children’s splash areas, along with adrenaline-pumping water rides, the thrill never ends here.

Dubai is also one of the safest destinations in the world and has a low crime rate, thanks to its strict regulation and laws for those who are found guilty of crossing the line, which is an added advantage for visitors who can travel and focus on enjoying the city rather than being overly worried about safety.

The city charms its way into the hearts of many, with its entwined panorama of old and the modern, its sophistication, mind-blowing landmarks and attractions like nowhere else on the planet.

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