10 Amazing Influence of Solo Traveling

Are you used to traveling? have you tried solo traveling? If not, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your travel experience by booking a flight for one – that’s for you.

No need to feel scared because this is one step forward to self-improvement. Learn these several influences that solo traveling can do for you and you’ll find how magical it is.


Nowadays, it’s common for people to go solo traveling when they’re stressed or anxious. Simply because traveling can wash away all the dark thoughts and negativities from your mind in an instant. You know, sometimes it’s better and it’s helpful to be alone, you get more time to think of everything you’ve done and to contemplate all the challenges you are facing.

Solo traveling can somehow make you forget about your past, your problems, and helps you escape the reality of life even for a count of days. But sometimes, solo travelers tend to forget about their problems for a lifetime because certain realizations popped into their minds during their lone time.


If you grow to be dependent on your parents, or on your friends, then you must try solo traveling. It may help you to improve your self-reliance in a most effective way. If you get used to traveling with your family, you might have all the assistance that you need.

But when you travel by yourself, you are forced to learn to do everything by yourself. You start by looking and booking for your own hotel/accommodation, search for restaurants to eat, and places where you can unwind and be free.

As time goes by, you would learn how amazing solo traveling is. You would get used to waking up alone, do your breakfast alone, learn new languages alone, and indulge at the moment on your own.


One of the helpful advantages of traveling itself is it gives travelers the opportunity to expand their vocabulary. When you travel alone, you would willingly learn the language of the place or the country you are visiting.  Because when you travel with family and friends, you could go along together even without learning the language of the locals.

Adding new language in your vocabulary is a great help to your self-improvement. In fact, I consider traveling as one of the creative forms of education.


You might grow up in the teaching that being selfish is not good. However, when you go traveling alone, you would learn that being selfish for sometimes is not that bad, and is actually good. Because you all have time to indulge yourself in your hotel room, take photos as many as you want, do any poses that you want, without minding who is looking or watching you.

You have to somehow invest for your own happiness, forget about the others and have a little pleasure all by yourself. Especially after all the struggles and obstacles you’ve been through, you deserve to get yourself pampered.


This is absolutely true. When you travel alone, you’ll realize that you’re not as bad as a person they think of you. You get to realize that being by yourself is happier and more fulfilling. Because I do believe that before you feel happy with others company you have to learn first to be happy on your own.

When you go solo traveling, you have more room for self-satisfaction and self-improvement – and that’s all because you trusted yourself. You would also learn that happiness doesn’t depend on how many people you are with, it is in the midst of genuine feeling that others can’t give you.


For some, they go travel alone because they want to maximize their visit as much as they can. Which is true, right? Because there are instances that when you go with friends or family, there are at least one or two people that wouldn’t agree on what others want to do, or where others want to go. Wherein, when you travel by yourself, you all have the time to do everything – yes everything you could think you could do under the smiling and shining sun.

You don’t have to feel afraid or nervous when you’re alone. In fact, you have to feel proud and brave because you get more time to explore and venture into the place. You can go shopping any time, anywhere, or food tasting at night, and go home (where you stay at the place) anytime you want.


Of course, who wouldn’t be more confident upon surviving days in the wild, kidding aside. Well, you could boost your self-confidence more when you solo travel. Because, more or less, there would be no people that you know who could give you that prying eyes judging what you wear, or commenting about how you pronounce the foreign language with a funny accent.

Solo travelers somehow built or increased their self-confidence by traveling on their own. If today you feel like a lonely rabbit in the wild, then tomorrow you would be the king of the jungle.


Like what’s stated earlier, when you go alone, you have more time by yourself. Out an about, you would be the one to create your own itinerary, isn’t that cool? Because if you chose to travel alone, you would be like a graceful dancer who owns the dance floor. You can do whatever steps you want, execute dance trick no matter what people are saying.

Solo traveling means you have a flexible schedule – you could wake up as early or as late as you want, you can go have your breakfast somewhere of your choice and do adventures on your own. You have more time to savor all the moments you have, and that’s one of the nicest things solo traveling can do for you.


Pocket-friendly? Absolutely, yes! Because if you decided to do solo travel, you are having an expense of one-person-only in everything. You pay for the hotel, food, leisure, and everything just for one – just for you.

It’s applicable especially when you’re a thrifty type of a person, you could also be the one to budget for everything. You don’t have to be forced to go here and there, and everywhere and stretch your wallet as much as possible. Simply because you all have your money for you.


This could be one of the wonderful gifts that you could treasure from traveling. Whether you go with friends or solo, you would possibly meet new people and make new friends. Fortunately, upon solo traveling, you have more time to interact with the local people, there would be no one to stop you or tell you “hey, we need to go home now?”.

You are the only one in charge of your time, you can go have a little walk in the market early in the morning and have a little chit-chat with the marketers, or you could go have a sip of coffee with your neighbors.

So, have you become more interested to try solo traveling? Always remember, that being solo doesn’t mean that you are a lonely person, but rather, you are that brave and certified adventurer. Try it for yourself and have fun realizing the influence of solo traveling to you and the impact it could give to your daily living.

AUTHOR BIO :Kath Ramirezis a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing is her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays and a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a writer for West HQ, one of the best travel locations in the heart of Western Sydney.

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